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  1. Honestly, you’re spot on. I was wanting to pick up a g425 hybrid to match the driver and 3 wood I have. At $269 before tax for a stock hybrid just seems stupid to me. There’s some rounds I won’t ever use a hybrid. It’s an important club to have for me but at almost $300 with tax, I just can’t get myself to do it.
  2. Y’all are missing out lol. I used to say the same thing but the g425 Max 3 wood this year is insane. Still very low spin for me and feels almost impossible to miss it. It’s the best 3 wood I’ve ever tried. At least demo it!
  3. I ordered a set of ZX7 4-pw with KBS shafts and was told it’ll be less than two weeks. I ordered from the website and called them to make sure if all my components were in stock. Also ordered some custom Z-Stars and it says 15 days or less and they shipped in 5 days. So I guess it’s just hit or miss.
  4. I always liked the feel in the 6x but felt loose. I tried the 6TX and felt much better. Maybe give that a try.
  5. Srixon has been a little slow but I don’t blame that on them. They’ve been super helpful with changes to orders and you always get to talk to a real person usually pretty quick. Been buying clubs from them for awhile and everyone I’ve talked to has been unbelievably nice and helpful.
  6. Few items today. Let me know if you have any questions. Shipping included but please add $10 for the shaft. Thanks! Scotty Cameron Disney green divot tool. Pretty rare item as it was only sold in the pro shops there at Disney. Brand new but has a few tiny scratches from the display rack. Price - $65 Brand new Swag Racer ball maker still in the packaging. Price $145 Tensei Av Raw Orange 75 Stiff. Out of a g425 Max. Standard specs and measures 42.25 with arccos standard size grip. Price $135
  7. Okay I didn’t know if this was the right forum. Thanks!
  8. I currently play the modus 105x and I am pretty happy with it. I’ve tried a few graphite iron shafts lately but none of them were as good as the modus for me. I saw the KBS TGI 100 as a custom option but haven’t seen much feedback on them. I even called all the custom fitting places around me and they didn’t carry them. Has anyone hit them? Or ordered them through Srixon? Thanks!
  9. Did you get the headcovers at Wekopa?
  10. Very limited options now. When they first released their Gen 1 woods you could get about any shaft you wanted. That’s when I first got fitted at the Scottsdale location. Now their shaft options, upgrades included are very small which makes no sense to me. This is the main reason I won’t be looking info the Gen 4’s.
  11. Just a set of 11 BB&F Co ferrules. These were the Dungeons of Hyrule that are sold out. I planned on using them but didn’t end up having them built. Thanks for looking. Price - sold
  12. Only the irons are left. Trying to give someone a great deal before I send them back with the playability program. Let me know if you have any questions. Ping G425 Max 9* driver with Tensei Orange 65 S W/ Arccos grip. Plays 45.25. Brand new with spec sheet and head still wrapped. Standard size grip. Just going in a different direction. Save on tax and shipping and get it quick. Price - sold New Level PF-2 4-P W/ MMT 105TX. These play .5 inch over standard and 1* flat. Shafts were also hardstepped. GP TV Plus 4 Midsize grips. These are mint and I have only hit
  13. I agree with you. I never understand how people are the same sizes in all shoes. I have the 1’s, 3’s, 5’s and 11’s in the golf version and they all seem to fit a bit different.
  14. I heard these are pretty too heavy. I’m scared the swing weight will be too heavy? I had the modus 105 before but similar weight graphite. Do they feel very head heavy?
  15. A few pants that I’ve had in my closet that don’t fit anymore. They’ve been tried on once but are brand new with tags. Let me know if you have any questions. Will ship usps and will make deals if you buy multiple. Thanks! All brand new size 32x34 Pink 5 pocket pants - sold (85% nylon) Navy elephant print - $sold (86% poly) White 5 pocket - $sold (90% poly) Please add $5 for shipping Take all for sold
  16. I agree with that but also have issues with G/Fore. I would for sure go with G/Fore shoes but they don’t fit me properly and slip on every model I’ve tried. The FJ’s always fit very well and hold up nice. So maybe that’s a reason.
  17. Well, I know it won’t be super close but just hoping it’ll still play pretty stiff and lower launching in the 105’s. I saw Abe Ancer had the 105’s but see most people with the 125’s. I didn’t know if they played quite different.
  18. I have about 6 Vessel x G/fore bags (yes I know that’s insane) and they are the best thing on the market. They are the best of both worlds for functionality and pure looks. I always gets so many compliments and and super high quality. Can’t go wrong there.
  19. Now does the 125 TX and the 105 TX have the same profile mostly? Will the 105 play like a x100 still but just lighter?
  20. I saw Shane Lowry had the zx5 in the 4 and 5 iron. That says a lot to me if you’re still thinking about the zx5 being too big or clicky.
  21. There’s some new ones coming on 2/11. A new blade version that was posted in the forums here already. Looks pretty good but pretty simple looking with no weights.
  22. Pretty easy decision to pick the zip core when you only have 1 bounce option with the pxg. Not to mention the many more shaft options you have with srixon. It’s a no brainer to get the zip cores when they will also out perform the pxg 0311 wedges.
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