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  1. I didn’t read back that far and didn’t see anything. Was just hoping for a version like that again. Thanks for the info
  2. The past couple years they’ve released “grass” shoes for the waste management. I haven’t seen any news on them this year. Hoping they have something in the works.
  3. 350. Just updated, thanks for pointing it out!
  4. Only one item today. I’m not looking to make any money on this. I’m just looking to make my money back and give this putter a good home. Make me an offer! Logan Olson Tri Sole Legacy Welded Slant Neck. Ordered this putter from his Christmas Instagram sale. I would love to keep this beauty but something has come up and need the funds so no trades please. This has never been used and only taken outside for pictures. This one is an absolute beauty and won’t find it again. Get this without the 6 month wait. Let me know if you have any questions. -Legacy model with a bronze
  5. I’m in the same boat. I want to try the black 10x but scared the weight will be too much.
  6. I just wish they had more colors in the midsize plus 4. I know I’m probably in the minority of how many people use that but it would still be nice to have some color other then grey or blue.
  7. To me it would be pretty tough to beat the z-forged. I understand why they’re in no rush for a new model.
  8. If only that’s what I paid for it, it would be yours lol
  9. Thank you! Super nice quality bag as well.
  10. Lol thanks but the pictures make it look much better than it is!
  11. Make some offers! Always open to what’s out there!
  12. Two good items today. Not looking for any trades either. Let me know if you have any questions. Scotty Cameron Timless Tourtype Long Neck Prototype W/ Naked Sights. 35 inches 30 g weights Rare Pink Circle T Grip Welded long neck Naked topline and flange Rare 6 colors COA Included Price - sold Bettinardi Betti Boy Stand Bag Price - Sold pin 12/1
  13. Definitely stay away from this one. Many many red flags. The head it self doesn’t look bad but the grip and headcover and stickers are very fake.
  14. I just order a couple grip master midsize grips. I loved the standard ones but wanted something bigger so I think they should be perfect. I’ve had best grips and those are nice as well.
  15. Only one item today. Looking to move pretty quick. Shipped usps priority. Let me know if you have any questions. Add $10 for shipping. Thanks! Scotty Cameron Special Select Fastback 1.5 With Custom Shop Royal Grip. 35 inches with 15 gram weights. Gamed for about 10 rounds and shows some sole wear. Face and topline are clean of marks. No shaft band and no headcover. Price - sold
  16. I have mine in the standard flat setting and the face looks a little open to me now. I like it but I was wondering if it really was opened up or I was just imagining. Good question.
  17. These are really bad fakes. Badges are off of the back. Numbers on the bottom are the wrong font. So many reasons why they’re fake. Not even a good one at that.
  18. I don’t mind the hoodie but I’m not sure I like wearing it myself as it feels weird to me when I swing. That’s just my thought but I don’t see a problem with it.
  19. Two items today and looking for a quick sale so I can get shipped out tomorrow if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! PXG Proto 9* head only Price - Sold Scotty Cameron Industrial Lime Green Mid Mallet Headcover. This has never seen a course but was sitting on a headcover right for awhile. I moved to a blade and don’t see my self going back anytime soon. Has Titleist stitch underneath. Price - Sold pin 10/25
  20. Not really a fan of the kbs so I haven’t tried many but I just got the 105’s and love them. I’m pretty much the same distance numbers as you. I was scared that they would ballon being on the lighter end but took the chance and was very pleased. I’ve had the 120’s as well but prefer the 105’s. Hope that helps!
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