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  1. My all original’53 - hope they’re macro enough
  2. My gamer and it’s big unhit Bro 1 7/8” deep
  3. The worn sole plate 693 next to Kali is the gamer
  4. My favorite 693 drivers. All time best gamer and it’s Unicorn Big Bro
  5. Frank Stranahan was the only player to use MacGregor Toney Penna WW Special driver which are the most sought after persimmons. I have 6 LFF drivers in my collection having hit 4 of them and are hard hitting low ball flight without much workability. They are as solid as any driver I’ve ever hit but tour players like drivers with more workability. Also, I am lucky enough to have in my collection 4 945 early ‘53-‘54 drivers ranging from just over 1 1/2” deep to a jumbo 1 7/8” so guys on the tour had deep face drivers in the more popular models. Also lucky to have M85TW and 693 1 7/8” drivers. I have hit both the M85TW and 945W jumbos and they do have more workability.
  6. I have 3 great epoxy insert no screw Orlimar drivers from 60’s & 70’s and the best MacGregor 50’s 6 screw drivers. No difference.
  7. Saw him give exhibition and every drive same flight unlike all other long drive guys. Probably have seen 10 world long champs and he impressed me the most.
  8. I have tried to do this and all I can say is I’m so lucky to have a top 101 with 97 persimmon woods, 1 persimmon putter, and my 3 all-time favorite laminated woods. As much as Sam likes my ‘50 LFF Dave Wood restored I can’t rank that ahead of any other LFF in my collection. The other 4 can all make good arguments for #1. The DW LFF remains the only one not hit and if it did out hit the others(that would really be saying a lot too) then yes it would be #1.
  9. So I have the only jumbo 1 7/8” deep M85 I have seen. I have my very nice restored M85 1 3/4” deep that might qualify for a big block. Then I have 2 all originals C shaft and silver band M85s both 1 11/16” deep that seems to be the norm for so many of my persimmons and both out hit the 2 larger ones with the more modern steel and chord grips the one time I hit the 4 of them together about 10 balls each driver.
  10. Yes 1 7/8” is the standard. My M85TW and 693 are both 1 7/8” as are 4 of 5 LFFs in my collection. My ‘54 LFF is 1 13/16” and so is my 945W jumbo. Both are still close enough especially the 945W for its large overall size. I had a 2” ‘54 but found that the neck under the whipping was 50% epoxy and I sent it back to the seller.
  11. Thanks for for clarification Sam. Always wondered about the 5 screw ‘52s. So I guess there’s 8 different LFFs a guy could have in his collection.
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