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  1. Saw him give exhibition and every drive same flight unlike all other long drive guys. Probably have seen 10 world long champs and he impressed me the most.
  2. I have tried to do this and all I can say is I’m so lucky to have a top 101 with 97 persimmon woods, 1 persimmon putter, and my 3 all-time favorite laminated woods. As much as Sam likes my ‘50 LFF Dave Wood restored I can’t rank that ahead of any other LFF in my collection. The other 4 can all make good arguments for #1. The DW LFF remains the only one not hit and if it did out hit the others(that would really be saying a lot too) then yes it would be #1.
  3. So I have the only jumbo 1 7/8” deep M85 I have seen. I have my very nice restored M85 1 3/4” deep that might qualify for a big block. Then I have 2 all originals C shaft and silver band M85s both 1 11/16” deep that seems to be the norm for so many of my persimmons and both out hit the 2 larger ones with the more modern steel and chord grips the one time I hit the 4 of them together about 10 balls each driver.
  4. Yes 1 7/8” is the standard. My M85TW and 693 are both 1 7/8” as are 4 of 5 LFFs in my collection. My ‘54 LFF is 1 13/16” and so is my 945W jumbo. Both are still close enough especially the 945W for its large overall size. I had a 2” ‘54 but found that the neck under the whipping was 50% epoxy and I sent it back to the seller.
  5. Thanks for for clarification Sam. Always wondered about the 5 screw ‘52s. So I guess there’s 8 different LFFs a guy could have in his collection.
  6. My Maltby Golf Works makes it look like the LFF wbw insert is ‘52-‘53.
  7. I would love to have 945 and 693 6 woods in my collection. I’ve only seen 1 of each in a collection from someone in Japan. A WW Special 6 wood would be sweet too.
  8. My new wishlist ultimate persimmon driver: 2” deep face blonde Orlimar perfect tight u-shape grain crown and neck with red gamma fire insert.
  9. I picked up that set of 1-5 Orlimars from a friend who got them from a club pro who recently died 25 years ago he knew had cherry picked them from about 12 sets he was selling from his shop back in the 70’s. At times I have hit all of them as hard as any persimmons I have owned. Pictures can’t do justice to how incredible looking the 4 wood and the 5 wood in morning dewy conditions would go longer than a driver sometimes with ultra fliers. No neck numbers is a good thing when you find a set like these. No one would have ever done that with MacGregors. Played with Keven Sutherland around ‘93 an
  10. A good Orlimar is hard to beat. I have 3 great drivers, 2 wood, 2 3 woods, the nicest 4 wood, 5 wood played 2001 California State Am, and ultra rare 6 wood. Wouldn’t trade them for the world. https://www.instagram.com/p/Br0qmRvFLcu/
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