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  1. I play with an Odyssey X-act Tank Chipper in my bag on occasion. I went shopping to get a new grip for my chipper and found out the original grip is not available for purchase. So, which Super Stroke grip would best match what I already have on my chipper? Any/all advice would be greatly appreciated. Mike MPM1960 Lakeside Park, KY
  2. I have the Ping Pioneer Monsoon golf bag that was purchased for an Ireland golf trip early last year, and it is a black bag with some blue trim and white zippers. Unfortunately, that Ireland trip wasn't able to happen because of the pandemic. That said, I have used the bag several times this Spring and ended-up playing in the rain. The bag worked great, and I am very happy with the performance of the Pioneer Monsoon! If you need a stand bag, they make a Ping Hoofer Monsoon which has the same waterproof capabilities, as well. Other bags that should be included in your search include the Sun Mountain H2NO line of waterproof golf bags and the Titleist StaDry line of waterproof golf bags. There are other waterproof golf bags on the market, but I'm not as familiar with those offerings. Good luck with your search! Mike MPM1960
  3. I'm playing Epic Flash Star hybrids, 3H-6H, and I think they're great. They don't feel too light, or weird, and the distances I get from these hybrids are much better than other hybrids that are on the market today. The Epic Flash Star drivers, fairways and hybrids came out in 2019 and are available in the US, as are the Epic Forged Star irons (the black and gold color scheme is very impressive). They are expensive, but they do exactly what they say they would do, which is the design of lightweight clubs targeted for slower swinging golfers. Mike MPM1960
  4. Thanks, Tanner25, for the reply!
  5. Is there anyone here who can advise me on my grip question? Thanks in advance ... Mike MPM1960
  6. I now have Callaway Epic Flash Star (D, 3W, 5W, 3-6H) and Epic Forged Star (7-PW) in my bag for the coming season. The grips are Golf Pride JL00 and J200 grips, which I believe are 30g and 43g weight. I'd like to find something softer and slightly larger, but am not sure if there's much out there that would be in that weight range ... I saw that Winn has grips near the weight range that could be replacements for the Golf Pride JL00 and J200 grips, but I know nothing about what my options would be. Before I call my local golf shop, can anyone help me me with what my options might be if I go ahead with a regripping? Thanks in advance for any and all advice. Mike M MPM1960
  7. Any updates on the Callaway SuperSoft Max? Looking to see if anyone has used the ball and can offer feedback ... Thanks in advance, Mike
  8. There was a line of Callaway clubs in 2019 for seniors, the Epic Flash Star drivers, fairways and hybrids, and the Epic Forged Star irons. XXIO also makes clubs for seniors, last year's X line and this year's Eleven line. Lastly, Cobra has their F-Max Airspeed line of clubs ... what they all have in common is their extremely lightweight design so seniors can regain the yards they've lost through the aging process. Mike MPM1960
  9. Ping Heppler Tomcat 14, adjustable grip length at 33.5 inches.
  10. Was browsing on CallawayPreOwned last night and looked at the specs for the 2019 Callaway Big Bertha Irons. Was surprised to see that they were listed as a C8 swingweight for graphite shafts. Is that right? Are there people here who have owned/used the 2019 BB Irons and can comment on the feel of these irons at the C8 swingweight designation? Hope so ... Thanks in advance for any/all replies. Mike MPM1960
  11. Thanks, Davidv, for your response! I was hoping that, by this time, someone in the golf industry with a Callaway account might know what is happening equipment-wise in early 2021. Maybe they know and aren't allowed to tell? Along with some amazing and innovative golf equipment announcements, they'll be able to address the future status of the Epic Forged Star line ... hopefully sooner than later. Happy New Year! Mike MPM1960
  12. A few weeks ago, I started a thread here on Callaway Epic Forged Star Irons ... since then, I ordered a 7 iron from Callaway Pre-owned and have had the opportunity here in northern KY to hit it twice. I also ordered a Callaway Epic Forged 7 iron from CPO with the AV Silver 60 shaft to do a little compare/contrast on the two clubs. I really liked the Epic Forged Star, and wasn't as impressed with the Epic Forged 7 iron when conducting my 7 iron shoot-out, but that's another topic for another day. The Epic Forged Star irons are still available "new" on CallawayGolf.com's website at a cost of app. $325 an iron, but the Epic Forged line is not listed anymore. If you go to CallawayGolfPreOwned.com, you'll find both clubs there. I'm hoping in 2021 that the Epic Forged Star irons might be discontinued/discounted in Callaway's line-up, but haven't heard or read anything to-date. So, has anyone here heard any news on the future status of the Epic Forged Star line? Any/all responses would be greatly appreciated! Mike MPM1960
  13. Thanks, Munich77, for the reply. I believe these Epic Forged Star irons came out around the same time as the 2019 Big Bertha irons, so I'm wondering if they're loaded with similar technology.
  14. On this Black Friday, I was wondering if anyone has used (or hit) the Callaway Epic Forged Star Irons. I understand they are really long, but are they also very forgiving? Their price tag for "new" is crazy high, but I'm seeing some reasonable pricing on the used market today. Any thoughts or feedback on these clubs would be greatly appreciated. Mike MPM1960
  15. Trades? I'm referring to the single length irons and hybrids ... thanks in advance. Mike MPM1960
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