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  1. Thanks, Davidv, for your response! I was hoping that, by this time, someone in the golf industry with a Callaway account might know what is happening equipment-wise in early 2021. Maybe they know and aren't allowed to tell? Along with some amazing and innovative golf equipment announcements, they'll be able to address the future status of the Epic Forged Star line ... hopefully sooner than later. Happy New Year! Mike MPM1960
  2. A few weeks ago, I started a thread here on Callaway Epic Forged Star Irons ... since then, I ordered a 7 iron from Callaway Pre-owned and have had the opportunity here in northern KY to hit it twice. I also ordered a Callaway Epic Forged 7 iron from CPO with the AV Silver 60 shaft to do a little compare/contrast on the two clubs. I really liked the Epic Forged Star, and wasn't as impressed with the Epic Forged 7 iron when conducting my 7 iron shoot-out, but that's another topic for another day. The Epic Forged Star irons are still available "new" on CallawayGolf.com's website
  3. Thanks, Munich77, for the reply. I believe these Epic Forged Star irons came out around the same time as the 2019 Big Bertha irons, so I'm wondering if they're loaded with similar technology.
  4. On this Black Friday, I was wondering if anyone has used (or hit) the Callaway Epic Forged Star Irons. I understand they are really long, but are they also very forgiving? Their price tag for "new" is crazy high, but I'm seeing some reasonable pricing on the used market today. Any thoughts or feedback on these clubs would be greatly appreciated. Mike MPM1960
  5. Trades? I'm referring to the single length irons and hybrids ... thanks in advance. Mike MPM1960
  6. Was curious to see if anyone has compared the new Callaway B21 Irons to the Callaway Big Bertha Irons from 2019? Although the black finish on the 2019 BB iron model was horrible, the irons themselves were very long, forgiving and filled with high-tech. The price point was very high on the '19 model, which makes me wonder about the new B21 irons being priced more reasonably ... did Callaway make a newer version of the Big Bertha which does not include some of the high-tech found in the earlier model? Thanks in advance for any/all responses ...MikeMPM1960
  7. I appreciate the tips on how to use the Smart Sole 4S, but I'm wondering if this 4th generation of the Smart Sole is significantly different than the three earlier models?
  8. I'm not a club tech in any way, so let me just suggest lofting up the 5HL (adjustable, right?) as much as possible and then cutting one-half an inch or possibly three-quarters an inch off the club ... you can then add a piece of lead tape (or two) to the head if you think the club feels too light ... just my opinion. Anyone else? Mike MPM1960 Lakeside Park, KY
  9. Just saw the announcement on the Z82, and am very impressed with this new model. Was thinking about purchasing the S62 golf watch, but after seeing the information available on the Z82 (and viewing the promotional video on the Garmin website hosted by Rick Shiels), I just might be purchasing this range finder. Mike Ft. Mitchell, KY
  10. Just saw an ad on FB from Rock Bottom Golf promoting a limited time "50% EXTRA" on trade-ins. I know back in January and February there were some nice trade-in deals that were being offered, but I haven't seen anything recently except for the RBG ad. So, does anyone know of any good trade-in deals that are available from either golf equipment companies or golf retailers? Please advise, and thanks in advance. Mike MPM1960
  11. I'm scheduled to depart for a SW Ireland golf trip on April 17, and was wondering if the Republic of Ireland has joined Great Britain is shutting down their golf courses today (March 24)?
  12. I am currently in the States, and am scheduled to travel to Southwest Ireland on April 17 for a golf vacation. I continue to have a "wait-and-see" attitude, but keep hearing people say that it's going to get worse before it gets better. I plan to email my trip provider 30 days out regarding our trip status, but am hoping we'll be able to make the trip in light of the current situation. Mike MPM1960 Ft. Mitchell, KY USA
  13. This thread was inspired by a question I saw on Golfwrx last March ... I've had the Ping G400 Max in my bag for the past year-and-a-half (stock shaft, R flex, shaft length at 45 inches), and I find it to be a pretty amazing club. I've also gamed a Callaway Fusion Heavy Driver on occasion (stock shaft, R flex, shaft length at 44.5 inches), but the G400 Max continues to hold the top spot in my golf bag. So, for those of you who have been playing the G400 Max and have chosen to drop It for something shiny and new in 2020, what new driver beat out your trusty Max? Who here has made the switch,
  14. I thought mine was an R1-S model, purchased directly from Stewart Golf USA: https://www.stewartgolfusa.com/products/stewart-golf-r1s-push?variant=18100340162658. I honestly don't know the difference between the R1-S and the R1, but if you email the people at Stewart Golf USA I bet they would be able to tell you. Mike
  15. Sadly, the new generation of XXIO X clubs will not be made available for left handers ...
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