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  1. I bought a net return pro at the beginning of this year and put a hole in it in less than 3 months. I used it quite a bit, but not an extreme amount (about an hour or so a day). i contacted net return for support, they were quick to respond saying please send your order number and we will get a replacement net sent over to you asap. I sent over my order number and they have ghosted me ever since. I think because i’m in canada they said screw you we aren’t shipping anything over there. its been 2 months since i contacted them, i’ve sent multiple follow up emails to the o
  2. Not sure if its just me but the blueprints felt absolutely horrible when i hit them, i want to like them since they look so cool Definitely the worst feeling blade i’ve ever hit particularly on slightly thin shots, hard as a rock
  3. > @Snarkesor said: > > @gibsonsg4 said: > > In your most recent swing you definitely have the club across the line vs old swing > > > > > > > > I'm with you that my takeaway looks better in my older swing, but if you really think that the top of my backswing position in my earlier swing is superior, with its minimal turn and left arm pinned low across the chest, I don't know what to tell you. > There is nothing wrong with the arm being pinned at the top of the backswing, and based on that camera angle (i’d like to see a face on to con
  4. In your most recent swing you definitely have the club across the line vs old swing
  5. In your older videos your takeaway is immensely better (although slightly unconventional), you get the club in a better position. Back then your issue wasn’t your backswing, not sure what convinced you to change to what you have now
  6. Edit: after looking at your past posts it looks like you tried to turn into a matt wolff backswing which looks like it caused much more problems than it helped..... in your older posts your backswing was relatively solid and you got it into a decent position at the top, you just didnt get any shallower and just pulled the handle down
  7. Your backswing is very steep and lifty, you early extend to attempt to shallow the shaft, and then your handpath is moving way too outwards and you flip the face causing heel hits/shanks/hooks/push/push hooks (hence your exits on an iron are very high with lots of face rotation)
  8. went back an hit them today Wow... mizunos are absolutely butter soft out of the very very sweet spot. I would say the mizuno feels better on pure strikes, but the callaway feels better overall around the center of the face including slight mishits. The mizuno’s had tons of feedback in terms of missed strikes (for better or for worse)
  9. looking to change to a new set of blades and stuck between these ones. I’ve briefly hit both and found both are great but slightly different. I’m a 5 handicap with decent ball striking skills, not incredible I found the MP20 to look awesome and the combo set makes sense. However when i tried them i found the blades to require a very very precise strike to feel good. My miss tends to be toe-y, not sure if the MP20 CG is more in the heel. The apex however were butter soft across a loonie sized strike pattern. A little thin, little high on the face, little toey still felt butter soft an
  10. My golf course range is using relatively premium range balls (titleist tour practice) however the covers are relatively worn out. They aren’t bald, but they dont have that sticky “plasticky” feeling that a fresh ball has and the covers feel a little rough. I have been noticing these balls tend to fly very knuckly, short irons launch relatively normal but don’t climb at all and tend to fall out of the sky and fly a couple yards further than normal, long irons (especially 3-4 irons) tend to launch low and be very knuckly and don’t carry as far as normal (i guess since they aren’t staying in t
  11. So i have always played with strong/slightly strong grip but since i have moved away from that grip my hooks are gone. However, now i’m struggling with 2-3 degree open clubface with a neutral grip. What are the best ways to square up a clubface that is slightly open without using a strong grip? I’m not coming very steep into the ball or over the top, i think my hands are just used to doing nothing and letting my strong grip to prevent it from going right
  12. Recently i have been hitting shots really really fat (i’m talking 3-4 inches behind the ball), plus i have noticed my head moves quite far forward in transition, have tried to keep it back but no avail. http://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/e4qn8FQy
  13. I was wondering if the tensei pro white hybrid that taylormade offers as a $50 upcharge is the real deal shaft or the watered down version. I heard the pro white titleist offers is the watered down version, but the specs on the taylormade website match exactly MRC’s website in terms of torque, weight, etc
  14. > @Red4282 said: > Pro orange is counterbalanced, have you added head-weight to counter it? Could be why it doesnt feel so great. Should be on par feel wise with the pro white. Tried it in 2 different heads, first was g400 lst @d4, second is M5 @D3 shaft felt the same in both
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