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  1. A continually updated table of contents of our front page 2021 equipment launch stories for your reading pleasure. Bridgestone E12 Contact golf ball Tour B XS golf ball in yellow Callaway Apex irons, Apex Pro irons, Apex DCB irons Apex hybrids, Apex Pro hybrids Epic Speed, Epic Max & Epic LS drivers Epic Speed and Epic Max fairway woods Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf ball Cobra Rev33 irons King Cobra wedges with Snakebite grooves T-R
  2. Launch pieces Apex irons Apex hybrids 2021 Callaway Apex Irons 2021 Callaway Apex DCB Irons 2021 Callaway Apex Pro Irons 2021 Callaway comparison pics 2021 Callaway Apex Hybrids 2021 Callaway Apex Pro Hybrids
  3. Ping G425 4-iron Ping G425 7-iron Ping G425 pitching wedge
  4. Ping G425 Max fairway wood Ping G425 Hybrid Ping G425 Crossover
  5. SEE OUR FRONT PAGE LAUNCH STORY HERE Ping G425 LST driver Ping G425 Max driver Ping G425 SFT driver
  6. see our launch story here 2021 PXG 0211 driver PXG 0211 fairway woods PXG 0211 hybrids PXG 0211 irons
  7. Cobra RadSpeed irons Cobra RadSpeed Cobra RadSpeed One Length
  8. @easyyy added more pics with comparison photos with T100 and older Srixon models here... I have tested both the Srixon Zx7 and ZX5 and I am VERY impressed. The feel of the ZX7 is one of the best I have ever hit. Kwok said they bend like butter and told me the ZX7's are 1020 carbon forged by Endo. Looks like Srixon swing for the fences using soft 1020 and back to Endo to do the forgings. Went to find out more and he was right. Not many are using 1020 and certainly Ising Endo to do the forgings. The feel off the face is incredible. Watched all the reviews on YT and same fin
  9. Queue the "How does a Masters win/second major change DJ's legacy" discussion. For me, not a ton really, clearly he hasn't suddenly won the number of majors he "should have" however, the "great player, wins a lot, just doesn't win majors" vessel may have a bit of wind taken out its sails...
  10. real possibility he'd greet him at the 18th with some trimmers
  11. 3 in 4 chance DJ gets it done tomorrow, according to Data Golf.
  12. Not an insult... Just didn't know if it was meant to be a play on "fuzzy," lol
  13. Meant to be ironic? Fuzzy Zoeller, Horton Smith, Gene Sarazen did...
  14. He made the same joke about Langer twice (maybe more), saying they were going to award (like the green jacket) a tweed jacket to the oldest player to make the cut and said (both times) that it'd have soup stains on it...because old people spill soup on themselves, I guess?
  15. lol, i think the quote was calling a bank that had been shaved "bikini waxed"
  16. Im lives in hotels and doesn't own a home? First I'm hearing of this...
  17. Yes, that's where they're holding Gary McCord and anyone who calls patrons "fans"
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