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  1. When I was a newer member, I made a couple of trades with long standing members with 100% feedback. I offered to send my item to them first and once they received it and we ok with it, they can ship me their item. I was fortunate in both instances, they worked out.
  2. Scotty is sold and will be shipped tomorrow. Thanks Turner and thanks WRX! Let’s close this up!
  3. Let me know and I text you some pics. I believe it’s black oxide. PM me and I’ll send some pics
  4. I honestly don’t know what it’s called. I was told though the new finish is shinier than the original. I don’t think it needs to be oiled as much either. I love the mirror finish which is why I’ve never been able to use it. It’s beautiful and is more durable.
  5. I know how to ship it. I have a problem with once it’s shipped. I’ve ordered three fishing rods in the last 2 months. All were originally 1 piece rods. Two of them came in as 2-3 piece rods. I’m really scared to ship it
  6. Unfortunately when I bought this I asked the WRX community and they said the same and I couldn’t find an etching anywhere. Unfortunately there’s no way for me to confirm. The original owner said he sent to Titleist but didn’t know if the titleist/Scotty did it or if BOS did. Speaking of the hurricane though, it was barely even a standard rain storm up here. I am preparing to do clean up tomorrow of the four leaves that fell LOL
  7. Guys Here’s the story. I bought this about 4 years ago locally. I couldn’t wait to play it but when I picked it up it was flawless. Not a mark on it. Original cover, original grip, original shaft band, and original oil cloth. The club has not been used in 4 years. I just couldn’t get myself to actually play it. I keep saying I’m taking it the next round but then say “spring golf the greens may not be great” “summer greens may have lots of sand from being plugged” “fall greens may be worn” so I have not brought it out. The guy I bought it from said it was refinished but couldn’t remember if it was BOS who titleist used to use or Scotty/Titleist direct. I do know the refinish looks amazing. I can get more pics if needed. Heres the only issue...with the mail being so delayed and with the number of issues we’ve all seen, I want this to be a local sale. I live on the border of MA/NH. I would assist with shipping in the MA/NH/ Northern and eastern CT and RI. within reason. I really don’t want to ship this. I just don’t trust the mail service and it arriving in the same condition I sent it. Price $500 cash upon pickup (not looking for trades) OBO I’m in Townsend Ma. pin 8/22
  8. Back to the office they go or I’ll repost once this craziness dissipates.
  9. Last drop $75 shipped for the JDM SLDR and Tour issue R15 plus headcover. Thanks fellas. Stay safe
  10. Last drop $80 shipped for the JDM SLDR and Tour issue R15 plus headcover. If it doesn’t sell I’ll bring them back to my office. Thanks fellas. Stay safe
  11. Package: R15, SLDR, Fujikura R flex shaft, SLDR headcover, new NDMC grip $130 shipped with PayPal and insurance Driver head package R15, SLDR, headcover $105 shipped with PayPal and insurance Driver head each R15 Tour issue $60 SLDR JDM $50 First one sold gets the headcover
  12. TTT....offers considered. Easier to ship the heads so more interested in selling the two driver heads and cover. I bought the R15 from WRX last month but just prefer the M1.
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