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  1. Back to the office they go or I’ll repost once this craziness dissipates.
  2. Last drop $75 shipped for the JDM SLDR and Tour issue R15 plus headcover. Thanks fellas. Stay safe
  3. Last drop $80 shipped for the JDM SLDR and Tour issue R15 plus headcover. If it doesn’t sell I’ll bring them back to my office. Thanks fellas. Stay safe
  4. Package: R15, SLDR, Fujikura R flex shaft, SLDR headcover, new NDMC grip $130 shipped with PayPal and insurance Driver head package R15, SLDR, headcover $105 shipped with PayPal and insurance Driver head each R15 Tour issue $60 SLDR JDM $50 First one sold gets the headcover
  5. TTT....offers considered. Easier to ship the heads so more interested in selling the two driver heads and cover. I bought the R15 from WRX last month but just prefer the M1.
  6. Sorry fellas I’m trying to add pics. I thought they were on the original post
  7. Get your minds out of the gutter! I have two awesome Taylormade Driver heads plus one Fujikura adjustable shaft that can be used with both driver heads. Both top lines are almost perfect. No skymarks (which is amazing since i'm not very good! LOL) I have the following for sale: Taylormade JDM SLDR 430 10* Driver head (this is from the Japanese Domestic Market which features a smaller head shape and all black graphics) Taylormade R15 TOUR ISSUE with hot melt port 10.5 head (there is currently no hot melt in the head the port is there) Fujikura Pro 60 Regular flex shaft with adjustable adapter
  8. Dang I’m SO glad those Legacy’s aren’t R flex. I’d have some ‘splaining to do when they arrived.
  9. I’m sorry. Don’t mean to derail this mint thread but I am not seeing mine or anyone else’s feedback. Thanks fellas.
  10. Jaw I’m not a mod but i can see your WRX Membership in your profile so you should be good to go. Make sure you’re using the full site and not the mobile site. Hope this helps.
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