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  1. Bunch of odds and ends for sale today - Message me with any questions or offers. I was limited on pictures I can add to the listing, so please DM if you want more pics. Prices include shipping, but add $15 for anything east of the Mississippi. Thanks! 1. Scotty Cameron Select Squareback - 35 inches - Standard loft and lie. Removed red dots from the face and filled them in with black. Also added 25g weights. Comes with original headcover & grip - $SOLD 2. Taylormade M6 3 wood with a Tour AD-DI 7s shaft. Standard TM length & untipped. Comes with almost new Golf Pride Z grip - Slight face and sole wear, but ton of life left - SOLD 3. Taylormade Tour Preferred CB/MC combo set - 4 & 5 are CB, 6-PW are MC - Standard length & loft, 2 degrees flat (can bend before shipping if needed) -Project X 6.0 shafts - Took a long time to find a set that kicked these out of the bag..Still as long as any of the 2021 players irons - Pics accurately show condition - A few seasons of wear but well taken care of. SOLD 4. Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw White 65X - Plays just over 45" in a TM driver - Comes with TM tip and like new MCC +4 Align grip - $SOLD 5. Ping Cadence TR Ketsch - 35 inches - Standard loft and lie - Comes with counterbalanced Superstroke grip and original cover - $90 obo (sorry hit limit on pics so could only include 1 - DM for more) - SOLD
  2. Only one item today - An Aldila Rogue Black 60 TS 130 MSI (the real deal, not the watered down retail version). Used only a few times and in great shape. Plays 45.25" installed in my SIM. Has a Golf Pride Z Cord grip and a TM adapter (can be removed if requested). Changed my swing dramatically after I got fit for this but its a great shaft. Bought new for $300 - Asking $200 175 150 shipped. Only trade considered would be for a Ventus Black 6X. Thanks and please DM with questions or offers!
  3. Do yourself a favor and check out the folks at RoboGolfPro. Not many know about them, but for me they have been the best thing to happen to my game. They do traditional lessons but incorporate the robot (the one you see Bryson using) as well. Really cool way to ingrain the feels you need and beats the heck out of traditional drills.
  4. Hes a really great teacher I can second that as well. Another underrated spot in Vegas/Henderson are the folks at RoboGolfPro. They use the robot that Bryson is always working on and I thought it was all hype at first, but getting some reps on there makes a huge difference. They are able to program it to exaggerate the feel you are looking for . Wanted to give them a plug but Jake is great too.
  5. Bear's Best is phenomenal if you dont mind a drive. Revere in Henderson is great as well.
  6. The public golf scene is pretty great IMO as someone who moved from LA. Tons of public golf and most of it is pretty affordable at the local rate. In the Henderson area you have Revere (B+), Desert Willow (C+), Legacy (B-), Rio Secco (A+), Wildhorse (C) etc. Summerlin gives you a lot more options in terms of public golf and also keep in mind its 5-10 degrees cooler than Henderson during the Summer: Bears Best (A+), Angel Park (B+), Arroyo (B), Rhodes Ranch (B-), Eagle Crest/Highland Falls (C+), etc. But also keep in mind that the drive from Henderson to Summerlin is pretty quick. In terms of private, there are great options too. In Henderson, you have Dragonridge and Anthem. In the Summerlin direction, you have Red Rock, TPC, Spanish Trail etc. IMO, Dragonridge is the best of the bunch and seriously underrated. Beautiful course, challenging layout, amazing facilities, etc. TPC is really good too though. Hope that helps a bit!
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