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  1. Titleist 718 CBs used about 20 rounds so they are in excellent condition. Project X LZ 6.0 shafts. A couple of the Golf Pride grips have small tears (see pics) due to getting caught on the bag I believe. $750 No Trades
  2. Two pairs of shoes today. I wear a 10 or 10.5 typically so I'd say these run a click small. Phenomenal shoes. Very comfortable...whole nine yards. Apparently I move my feet a great deal when I swing and my feet don't move much when I wear these. I know, I suck. Skull & Tees embossed. Super cool shoes. Worn once and I got a ton of compliments. Basically brand new. $old G/Fore Tuxedo Gallivanter. Worn three times. The first time I wore these I got a scuff/scratch on the left toe (see image). I took to a shoe store and they worked some magic and it's barely noticeable but priced
  3. Cameron Hollywood head from a project I had planned to do. Had a local buddy that owns a shop do the paint. 8 out of 10 condition. A couple of "dings" as you can see from the pics, but overall great condition. "Honey" finish has been removed. The black Titleist paint on the back is all intact...pics kind of look like it's chipped or missing. I bought the weights a while back and the guy said they were OEM and he added the green translucent paint, but I'm not sure if they are OEM or not. $old JYD headcover. Been sitting in my office and never seen the course. Was meant to be used with
  4. Awesome shaft here. Used sparingly. Pink NO1 grip. Just over 42 1/2" from tip to butt. SR flex which is between stiff and regular. I was fit for this when my driver ss was 96-100 if that helps for reference. Smooth shaft. TM tip...M5 pull. $old OBO.
  5. Covers are all in great condition. Minimal use. Driver is Bomb Atomically. 3 Wood is the F2F Stinger and Hybrid is The Bomber. $190 obo for the set. Prefer to sell as a set.
  6. Three items today. Oakley Crosshair 2.0 in Lead with Black Iridium Polarized lenses. Great condition. Lenses look clean. Definitely nothing major. Guessing there are some micro scratches, but I didn't notice anything. The rubber on the ears has been replaced. Guy at an Oakley store used some rubber sleeves from a different pair and cut these to fit. Just want to disclose everything. 2 soft cases. Can't for the life of me find the hard case...sorry. $100 Second is a pair of Royal Albartross shoes size 43/10. Fit just a touch on the "snug" side IMO. Awesome shoes. Just have too m
  7. $old for the Sir Scotty cover - very gently used. $old for the Piretti Cover - NEW. I know the yellow Iomic is new and I believe the other grips are new as well but I honestly can't remember if I tested them or not. $OLD for the Yellow Iomic Piretti. $OLD for the Red Piretti. $OLD for the Black Piretti. Discounts for multiples.
  8. Nerd alert. I have a custom set of 790s, 1/2" short of TM standard, with the Limited Edition Star Wars BB&F ferrules and matching NO1 Grips. Also included is an extra 7 iron I used for practice. These are in 8+ condition and used sparingly, mostly inside. 7 total clubs. I just cleaned the faces and that is soap on the "shiny" part of the face, not scratches. $685 OBO I also have a "matching" (ferrules and grips) wedge set that consists of Ping Glide 2.0 50 & 56 (bent to 55) and a 60 TM Hi Toe with Oban CT 115s, BB&F ferrules and NO1 UN grips. Also, 1/2" short of standard. Du
  9. 34.5" E-1. Used very sparingly and in 9 out of 10 condition. Build sheet is below. USA and standard head covers included. $225.. SOLD
  10. Lulu's fit like 36x30 (actual may be 38/30 if original sizing on a couple pairs). Black ABC shorts are 36. Pants are grey, navy, black, charcoal and khaki. Bonobos (lighter blue pair on the top left in first image) is 36x30 as well. All have been worn but well cared for. No rips or stains. $35 each - discounts for multiples. BONOBOS, GREY, CHARCOAL, and SHORTS SOLD
  11. No sanded bumpers. Just brought back to new at the Scotty shop. thanks for the comments!
  12. 34.5" Custom ButtonBack with crown stamp on the toe, matte black shaft ring, black weights and black leather pin flag Peace Surfer head cover. This was sent to SC late last year to be customized and has one round on my course and some practice in the basement on my green. Thought this was the one, but unfortunately I need a 1.5 or flowneck. Will be shipped in the cool yellow box. $1400. $1200 PM with questions. Pin 3/15
  13. Unloading some shirts. Greyson and PM are mediums and PB and BM are larges but all the shirts fit the same. $40 each. All have been worn 5-ish times each, the PM skulls have been worn a few more times. All in great condition. Discounts for multiples. Pin 3/6
  14. Titleist TS2 9.5 with Purple Oban Kiyoshi 65 03. Excellent condition. Golf Pride MCC +4 grip in grey. Purchased/build at Club Champion. No wrench. HEAD SOLD....SHAFT ONLY $200obro. No Trades.
  15. Few things today. JJ SOLD. 2016 Sir Scotty in excellent condition. $85 TM M4 with Tensei Orange 65s and grey Iomic grip with 2 wraps. I don't have the head cover in hand...it may be in my locker at the club. I will insure it is protected. Excellent overall condition. $old Rogue 3 wood with AD-MT6s shaft. 1/2" short of Callaway standard. Crown has a couple of "scuffs" from bouncing on my alignment sticks one day. Not really noticeable during setup due to how shiny and the the pattern of the crown. Grey Iomic grip with 2 wraps. Headcover in hand but not shown. $150
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