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  1. I am not that good, but I went from DCI 990 to MP-33 without issue. The MP-33 cost me around $150. * MP-33 won't give you any extra distance or forgiveness. For me it does feel more comfortable, but that would be personal preference.
  2. 5 iron is probably the most comfortable one.
  3. Interesting. I wonder what percentage of people don't mind carrying their phones in the pocket. I used a GPS app last year. While it was useful, it was also cumbersome to me because I kept the phone in the golf bag pocket. I tried Swing by Swing last year, it wasn't as convenient as GolfGPS for me, but seeing all the comments in another thread, I might give it another try.
  4. I am probably preaching to the non-choir here, but what's the point of using an app for scoring? I would think it's easier to carry pencil and paper, and input it into computer afterwards. Unlocking the phone after each round takes forever, and I don't really feel comfortable swinging the golf club with a phone in my pocket. Those of you that use scoring apps, please enlighten me.
  5. [quote name='teeitlow' timestamp='1411346970' post='10159445'] Coming from being a 110 player to the 80's is a bit of a journey. On my 6th set of 33's. And for the record, struggling to break 100 with the 33's is not easy at all, I did, but it took quite a while. As in a lot longer than my friends/brothers/ect. Best of luck as they demand a bit of commitment. -D [/quote] Thanks for this personal insight. Very interesting.
  6. [quote name='m4tTy333' timestamp='1411337824' post='10158739'] I don't know how to say this without sounding like a "bad guy", but I will try my best. Just keep in mind that I'm not trying to sound stubborn or mean. However, if your struggling to break 100, your best bet is to sell both and buy yourself a set of "game improvement irons". Titleist AP1's, Callaway X2Hot. I've been playing the Callawaty X forged irons since they came out in 07. They are hands down, the best iron I've ever hit. I can't talk them up enough. The feel and feedback you get from a players club/mb is just amazing
  7. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1411333717' post='10158433'] Forgiveness is such a subjective thing when it comes to golf. For some, it means dimensions, for others, it depends on how a club sets up to your eye. I am with FF^, take them to the course and play them for a while. See which one you like the best. [/quote] I know, I am still searching for that elusive forgiveness myself.
  8. [quote name='slimeone' timestamp='1411336516' post='10158615'] Embrace your inner ho and keep both sets. Anyway if you play well with the 33s then concentrate on getting the most out of their potential as they are still ranked amongst the best MBs of all time, and relatively forgiving if that makes you feel better. And most of all rock your mizzies with pride! [/quote] If I end up with the 33s, I will definitely rock them with pride. The buttery feel is already too addictive.
  9. [quote name='Spooky67' timestamp='1411334006' post='10158463'] I'd have them checked to make sure both sets of clubs have the same lie angle. Maybe the MPs just "fit" you better? If both sets are set up the same: length/lie angle, then as others mentioned-keep the ones you hit the best. [/quote] Good point. They look about the same lie and same length to me. Lie angle is a major criteria when I purchased these two sets, as I am tired of upright lies. But I should have them checked professionally when I get a chance. [quote name='Golf64' timestamp='1411335741' post='10158575'] Persona
  10. Haha, I see your handle is Forged4ever But what you said makes sense though. It would probably take a bit of work just to get used to the X Forged.
  11. Hi all, Last week I obtained a set of Mizuno MP-33s, got buyer's remorse, and immediately went out and bought a set of Callaway X Forged. The plan was to have the X Forged as my primary clubs. It turns out, the MP-33s just feel more second nature to me. I have no trouble hitting them, probably because I am more used to the setup. I am having a lot of trouble hitting the X Forged, on the other hand. I presume I am not used to the way the clubs set up. I am struggling to break 100, so there is a reason I am hesitant to play with the MP-33s. The question is, should I try to get used to the
  12. Regarding parent-driven children, if you have played in Pupuke Golf Club, you would know it's not exactly a breeding ground for Champion Golfers The course was decently beautiful, but the condition wasn't the greatest. It was more akin to Rocky training in Russia in Rocky IV. Perhaps the recipe for a champion?
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