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  1. laxwax

    2020 US Open

    I’m trying to watch with the US Open app on my iPhone, but no video is working at all. I feel like I’m missing something, anyone else having issues with the app?
  2. The real shocker is the Trilogy 408 on the left.
  3. Raw shaft weight divided by raw shaft length multiplied by cut shaft length. Lets say your cut shaft length will end up in the 42” range. Thump 75s: 77g / 43in = 1.79 g/in * 42in = 75.2g cut shaft weight Tour AD DI 7s: 74g /46in = 1.61g/in * 42in = 67.6g cut shaft weight The 65s compares better at 67g / 43in = 1.56 g/in * 42in = 65.4g cut shaft weight.
  4. What are the differences between the “Scoring Wedge” shaft compared to the normal PW shaft from the set, besides being slightly heavier? Is it softer? Different bend point or balance? Are there plans for a 125 stiff Scoring Wedge? I’m hesitant to try the 125 TX scoring wedge when playing S400 in wedges. Are the 105TX MMT considered higher or lower launch/spin when compared to the Tensei AV AM(2) White iron shafts?
  5. Wow. Wishon needs to up the quality of their website photos, 1000x better in your video than the website. Could you compare the sole of the 8 iron of the Sterlings to the 8 iron of EQ1-NX? My only peeve with the Sterlings is the sharp leading edge and it’s looking like the EQ1-NX is a little more blunt. Along with some more camber on the sole, I’m hope the EQ1-NX has a little better feeling through the turf.
  6. Hammer Drives! (u can’t touch this by MC Hammer music plays in your head after you hit bombs)
  7. How can AI Coach help you? Provide simple drills to help improve consistency.Do you take lessons currently with an instructor? Yes, just started 2 weeks ago.Do you use YouTube or another form of online golf instruction? Yes, watch Golf Channel instructors and read a lot in the instruction forum, but never really put it into practice.Do you use GPS during golf? Used to, but past few seasons switched to laser.Are you interested in Golf Fitness? Of course, very interested.What are your reservations about online golf instruction? Not having a person there when doing drills, to make sure I’m d
  8. There is a layer of tape between the underlisting and the leather. It is not like traditional double sided grip tape, it is a different kind of double sided tape. Both Gripmasters and Best Grips have some kind of tape between the leather and underlisting. If is a wrap grip, just un-spiral the wrap. If it’s a stitch-back, you cut through the stitch with a razor blade and peel off. The rough side of the leather will have to have the tape removed and buffed smooth to make it comfortable to wear.
  9. Bump, I’m curious too. BillyBob’s has M2, M4 and M6 weights. The M2 definitely looks a different size, but the M4 and M6 weights looks very similar to the SIM ti fairway.
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