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  1. 1) Wrist to floor is a starting point and probably sufficient for 95% of golfers. Little tweaks on playing length for non-standard setup (Keegan Bradley (bent over) or Fred Couples (taller)) or swing plane (upright vs flat) are usually not that large. If you think you have some non-standard issues, then go see a custom fitter. 2) Wishon pays attention to the details. Spining and FLO and PURE may all be mumbojumbo to some. At least with Wishon shafts the graphics a painted after orientation, so if you install them with the graphics all the same, then they are all a consistent orientation. Whether you actually care about the is up to you. I just look at is as a consistency thing. 3) Headweight is in the 275 gram range. 37.5” be doable, 38” would have a slightly high swingweight (maybe just in the D5-D6ish range) Wishon clubs are only sold through custom fitters, the fitter will get you into the proper setup.
  2. I switched to an air compressor this year after 10 years of solvent and like the results. I use 3M blue painters tape and have not had a slip yet. It is much easier and nothing to clean up after. I bought nozzle gun thing from Bigfoot golf on eBay and it works as expected. I use 60psi, but sometimes up to 75psi if using like .580 grip on .620 butt. Only have taken off blown on grips with air compressor. I haven’t tried to take off a double sided tape/solvent grip with the compressor, the stories of grips exploding scare me away from that.
  3. Always hit it off the deck. Sure you give up 5 or so yards not going off a tee, but if you are clubbing down for accuracy, you shouldn’t be 5 more chasing yards. I might be biased because I hit everything off the deck except for driver. Say I’m hitting a 9 iron into par 4 greens 3 times in a round, why on 1 par 3 would I put it on a tee? 3/4 on the ground and 1/4 off a tee, or could be 100% off the ground. Conversely, when you are going for that par 5 in two and hit the 3 wood off the deck, why would you want that 1 shot to be off the deck when you hit 3 or 4 3 woods off a tee? Eliminate a variable, if the variable is causing you a problem.
  4. Ping driver heads are notoriously heavy. What is the ungripped length and the ungripped swing weight? Arccos grip adds length that will affect swing weight measurement, but you shouldn’t be gripping all the way to the end of those arccos grips in use. I always measure ungripped swing weight and then again with the same old cut 50 gram grip to get to where I want it. If you match everything there it doesn’t matter a gram here or there on grip weight or the added length those arccos grips have. Swing weight scales are designed for 50 gram grips, anything other than that on the grip end is just tricking the numbers. Since removing 14 grams from the head only took off 4 points, also make sure your scale is level (matters for balance beam scales, not sure if it matters for digital).
  5. Here’s your procedure to make pseudo collared ferrules: 1. Buy both. (I’ve use Billy Bob’s in the past for this) 2. Cut the collar “ring” off at the base of the Callaway ferrule using a razor blade. Doesn’t need to be perfect. 3. Install BBF ferrule on shaft to appropriate depth. 4. Slide cut off ring from step 2 up to the BBF ferrule. 5. Do a final dry fit check to make sure everything will go together perfectly. 6. Final prep of hosel and shaft. 7. Mix epoxy. 8. Slide the ring down a little bit, put a small drop of epoxy up near the ferrule to get some epoxy between the shaft, ring and ferrule. 9. Slide ring back into position up against the ferrule. 10. Epoxy head and shaft like normal.
  6. Right on. I get that with the driver and 3/5 wood loft range. I’m looking at 23 degree 7/9 woods range and also hybrids in the 25 to 28 range. So I was thinking it matters a little bit up in that loft range. Like what is the loft cutoff for woods or hybrids when you really start needing to focus on that fitting parameter.
  7. I do dynamic lie angle fitting for irons and wedges. I adjust each individually based on testing and repeat until I get the most consistent perpendicular line on each iron. Let’s say I can bend the wood how I want, so not just a clocking sleeve or ferrule. Do you or can you do the same thing for woods? Adjust lie to get a perpendicular line in the same manner. Or just go by flight? Want less left, go flatter, want less right, go upright and don’t worry about the dynamic lie angle test line. Or dynamic lie fit first and then use face angle for preferred flight?
  8. It’s 3 points per 0.5 inch, so 40.5” to 38” is actually 15 points off. Adding 6 back with a heavier weight you’re only at C5. You are also ignoring the effects the head weight and more butt trim will have on the stiffness of the shaft. I would be hesitant to try a 17* at 38”, unless you are over 90mph with 7iron speed you are not going to get enough launch, height or descent angle to go at greens. You don’t see Wishon or Cobra going lower than 19* with single length hybrids. I would demo the Cobra one length hybrids to see if you like the concept before messing with the Super Hybrids. I you like the cobra one length hybrids, you’ll probably come out ahead in cash if you trade in or sell the super hybrids. I would suggest going with more of something like a 5, 7 or heavenwood instead of the 17* super hybrid. The woods are easier to launch due to higher loft and added length.
  9. Yeah, I don’t understand why the have EI for their woods, but then don’t share any of the irons.
  10. That’s where I would start. Just a cheaper experiment. If the reaming works out and you test and really need to get the extra -1*, then give her a pull and install the green dot.
  11. Check the tip on the C Kua, it should be a 0.350, probably would be better to get a aftermarket callaway tip and ream it. Wouldn’t you want to ruin a tour green dot adapter.
  12. Not sure if there is a counterweight, but my arccos sensor went right in no problem. It does hang off the left edge of the grip about 1.5mm. I don’t grip all the way up to the very end, so it doesn’t bother me.
  13. If you take the Mavrik weight out leave an open hole I’d be more worried about stuff getting inside the head. You can get 2 gram weights, that’s the lowest. Otherwise maybe cover it with like clear packaging tape, at least it thicker than scotch tape.
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