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  1. Work an play in Naples. Got some friends at Naples Grande and Royal Poinciana so get out there a lot. Naples Grande is an awesome golfers course that has a relatively (Naples still) low initiation fee. I’m out of town this week but the next time you are back in town let me know and I’ll set something up.....you had me at the cigars.
  2. In the Naples area and try to get out once a week. Got some buddies that are members are Naples Grande and Royal Poinciana so play those a lot. My favorite is still Old Corkscrew. Let me know if you ever want to play.
  3. Thanks guys, really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks guys.......haven't played much in the last two years so things are pretty out of sync. I'll try turning sooner and allowing my right knee to straighten.
  5. So I need a more stable base and to turn my upper half against and then unwind.
  6. Another full speed view.
  7. Thoughts on driver swing? Hit it pretty good, miss is always off heel.
  8. Threw my wedge once after chunking an approach shot.........flung it behind me forgetting that there was a pond there. This was around hole 6, passed back by on hole 16 and decided to go into pond to recover wedge, was 45* outside. Made it about half way out and almost went over my head. The world lost a good vokey that day.
  9. He was supposed to be playing today in his charity event........wonder if he played and got hurt or was simply a no show.
  10. Something else is up, you don't commit on a Friday and then withdrawal on a Monday because of performance issues..........I'm guessing injury.
  11. Look a lot like my J40CB's.......and that's a good thing.
  12. [quote name='HipCheck' timestamp='1435173272' post='11827386'] [attachment=2829476:TESTING_benhogan.jpg] Ben Hogan Golf relaunched earlier this year and we're looking for 6 Testers wanted for Ben Hogan FT. Worth Irons. Interested? Read how to apply below. [color=#B22222][b]HOW TO APPLY (RH golfers only):[/b][/color] [color=#282828]In a post below, answer the following questions:[/color][list] [*]What's in your current bag? [b]Bridgestone J40 Irons, Callaway Driver and Fairway, Ping Wedges & a Brass Bullseye Putter[/b] [*]Your current handicap? [b]9[/b] [*]Where are you located? (City, State, Country)[b] Estero, FL[/b] [*]If chosen, do you agree to participate in an ongoing Ben Hogan review thread where you are required to take and post quality photos and give a review and feedback on the clubs?[b] Yes[/b] [*]What items or products would you like to see from the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company in 2016? [list=1] [*]Drivers [*]Fairways [*]Hybrids [*]2nd set of irons [b](I'd just stick to irons, perhaps wedges but that's it)[/b] [*]Putters [b](Only if old school retro)[/b] [*]Golf bags [*]Other accessories [/list] [/list][list] [*]Lastly, go to [url="http://benhogangolf.com/hoganfit"]benhogangolf.com/hoganfit[/url] to get your recommended specifications and include them in your post [b](C-Taper Stiff Plus, Standard Length, 1* Flat, Standard Grip 20-44*)))[/b] [/list] [color=#b22222][b]HOW TESTERS ARE CHOSEN[/b][/color] We will chose 6 testers from all applicants a few days after this application thread is closed. Standard shafts will be used. Max set of 8 irons will be provided to each tester. [color=#b22222][b]APPLY BELOW![/b][/color] [/quote]
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