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  1. Day drink until around 11 PM the night before. Set alarm for the AM the following day. Drink a 32oz Gatorade (this is important) before passing out. Wake up, shower (also important),teeth, etc.. Smart water, coffee and BEC.. ready to go.. Two things about this route. 1. Get a real solid sleep. 2. The light hangover helps keep tension off early part of round
  2. I tried the opposite with the same putter. 20 gr in the heel 10 in the toe.. Felt fine on my indoor putting green. Not sure what would happen say I was playing for any type of break. I'm trying to get the putter more face balanced but I'm not sure it works that way
  3. That's correct, with the chs being to only stat showing on flight track and not being 100% accurate. Just goes to show if your looking for a stat full swing analyser, look elsewhere. If your looking to improve or change your swing mechanically Zepp may be a little more beneficial.
  4. Attached is the comparison between zepp golf to flight track(or similar software). Hope this helps in your swing analyser buying decision
  5. Looking to trade my LH Cally Razr Fit Xtreme head 9.5* for a LH Cally XHot Pro 9.5* head. The head has about 15-20 rounds on it good condition. small scuff on inside heel of club cannot be seen at address.. I'm including the headcover, 1,5, and 13 gram weights
  6. Hello, looking to trade my LH Callaway Razr Xtreme Driver (head only w/ cog) 9.5*. 1,5,13 gram weight incl, for a LH Callaway Xhot Pro 9.5* about 15-20 rounds played great condition Small paint scuff on heel as seen in picture
  7. Thanks again. One last thing would I have to change anything to the swingweight? Their currently d2.. Px95 5.5(101 gr.), 6.0 (106 gr.) and will be hardstepped. I really appreciate your expertise, you've saved by clubs
  8. Thank you Howard for your response.. Just to clarify being new to this I've been having trouble explaining what i mean and hopefully not misunderstanding what your saying. I wasn't trying to use club length to alter the specs of the shaft. I'm trying to shorten the shaft and if I can stiffen the shaft up a bit in the process that's a bonus. That's why I felt if I could hard step once I'd essentially have a .5" shorter shaft and slightly stiffen each club, killing two birds 1 stone.
  9. Hello all and thanks in advance for your assistance I have the Cally X Hot Pros with px95 5.5. My ball flight is very high with a ton of spin. I was thinking it was the shafts being to soft for me. I went to the local golfsmith (not a customization shop) and put me on the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer numbers were a 4,4,3,4 not 100% on that and it recommended the px6.0 . I happen to come across px95 6.0 (I know not the same as the standard px's) shaft pulls from another XHP. Im looking to shorten the shafts. If I shorten the shaft .5 from the butt end of the 6.0 will I feel the swing weight diffe
  10. [quote name='HipCheck' timestamp='1398704259' post='9187763'] [attachment=2198531:axis1_captionthis.jpg] [color=#282828]From unconventional to ugly, chances are Axis1 has heard it all about their putters. However, they are designed to be "perfectly balanced" and with that comes a non-traditional design. They are VERY CONFIDENT in their product and want you to a believer, but first, they want your best shot.[/color] Caption this photo above. NO. HOLDS. BARRED. Tell the truth (Keep it PG-rated, people). They'll be an announcement for a few we judge as the best. GO! [attachment=21985
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