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  1. I opted for the X instead of TX...will report back after she's ready for a test drive in my Cobra SZ. TX in the Pro White was really stiff to me... 110-112 Swing speed....
  2. Only reason is that I had one handy and liked the weight so figured I'd try it out and it worked like a charm. Not sure the profile difference between it and the taper tip iron shaft, but i've now built 4 of them and guys love them. I'll never take mine out of the bag.
  3. Continuing my COVID selloff today with a pair of the most popular shafts of the last year. Both shafts in great shape...White was only hit on the range a few times, Orange was gamed for a couple months last season. Mitsubishi TENSEI PRO ORANGE & PRO WHITE...Callaway tips Both shafts came directly from Callaway as custom orders.Tensei Pro White 70tx untipped with callaway adapter, 44", standard Callaway New Decade grip: $185 SHIPPED SOLDTensei Pro Orange 70tx untipped with callaway adapter, 44", midsize GP New decade grip: $185 SHIPPED SOLD PM with any ?'s....FIRST COME FIRST SERV
  4. Well...its snowing in Michigan and our governor hates golf so might as well sell some of my stash of shafts. I recently moved to Cobra driver so these callaway (and one tmade) shafts can go to a new home. All shafts are in excellent condition and probably only saw range time etc. Please PM me w/ questions or to buy...first come first serve. Callaway tips:Ventus Blue 6x: 44", untipped, purchased brand new from Peoplesgolf : $170 Shipped SOLDGraphite Design Tour AD TP 6x: 44 1/8" untipped straight from callaway: $110 Shipped SOLDGraphite Design Tour AD TP 6x: 43 7/8" tipped 1" : $
  5. I’ve gamed z745 for 4 seasons and have a mint set for backup when these die. Also have a half set I scooped on eBay somehow that I use for practice and experiments with shafts. 1.) great feel 2.) squarish toe (ruined the 765 w the redesign) 3.) lowish spin for irons which is why I think people love them as most picked up distance with them while looking like a player club with great feel. 4.) not sure if it’s the sole but they are remarkably forgiving for a players cb. Could game these forever but admittedly curious to try the 785 as they look like they have a slightly smaller footprint tha
  6. Ooops...didn't notice the date on this original post...my bad. I'm recently put a AD TP 6x in my Rogue SZ and have been getting fantastic flight and haven't noticed any change in feel or sound. I had tried this combo before w/ an untipped x and thought it was a little too loose or erratic for me, but ended up with another one that was tipped 1" and it really tightened things up for me. Super smooth feel and getting a really great ballflight. Hit some range balls on a Flightscope and spin was still a little higher than i prefer but want to try it w/ some premium balls.
  7. D ring is on all 3 of mine. Nice for if you want to clip on a range finder w/ a tether, or have a bag tag. Otherwise....the simplicity is the beauty of it!
  8. MG....all I use. Probably don't hold up as long as full priced premium stuff, but for $6 or whatever they are, they are awesome.
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