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  1. Skydive butt naked...... into a bed of marshmallows.
  2. P Duck...if you're playing the SD circuit...you're dealing, primarily, with small postage stamp greens. It's significantly more important to know front, (cover) middle and fly ( back) edge numbers. There's not many opportunities...even at Torrey... where you have to play away from pins.
  3. I’d go a step further and say a ‘hack’ is really that player who has absolutely zero etiquette or on-course awareness. To me the quintessential hack doesn’t even give a shit how bad they are.... nor how or who they’re affecting or impacting. The golfer wonders off into the woods falling behind pace while the rest of the group is putting out looking over their shoulders.
  4. Didn’t know it at the time, but I was about 9-10 years old once I got formal lessons. Young red- headed guy named Jimmy... always had a cig burning and wore a white visor. The guy literally got me into a 3 knuckle strong grip and had me into this huge lateral slide into the ball. Loved the draw (hook). I couldn’t hit the ball left to right after that again. Played competitively as a jr. and fought the lefts and Uber lefts for decades thanks to those wonderful nuggets. Fortunately a guy named Carl Welty got me on film years later and showed me how dumped under I was, but that pattern was ingr
  5. I could sling a lefty all day long until I was 30 with feel. Once I incorporated a lil science in..... a bit more control. But it’s all a canvas once you’re on the tee box. The D (bag) plane COM bs goes right out the window once that Nassau is in effect....
  6. This is a great post. I wish the instructors working with kids at the time picked up on this. As a competitive jr back then pushed into the beloved draw pattern I was encouraged to sling it right field and turn it down as hard as I could. Finally understanding the ‘face angle’ piece of the puzzle made me realize I was deep down the rabbit hole. Now all I try to do is hit cuts?
  7. No need..... can easily walk on at Balboa as a single.
  8. Was just out there last week; course in stunning condition as usual. Best lodging option is 5 minutes down the hill from Rams at Casa Del Zoro. Very nice cozy little resort; good food, drinks and they’ll even shuttle you to your tee time.
  9. Type 1 here- 35 years. The key to long-term health, for me, is minimizing the amount of insulin needed and that comes from low-glycemic index carbs. Fats/proteins all day no problem. For me, my blood sugars stabilize and don’t dip with exercise the LESS carbs I consume. Now into my 40s.... its definitely getting a bit harder with a sciatic issue developing on left side but I manage to keep my A1Cs constantly in the high-7s. Could be better but has been good enough to keep me complications-free so far all these years.
  10. Once my buddy was caddying for Chris Riley’s brother in the Long Beach Open and was paired with Mac. He rolls up on a bike with some asain chick talking about the moon and lunar cycles....
  11. Maybe slightly heeled a bit... kind of pull-like numbers given its was wasn’t really turning over left.... but that face number isn’t measured 4 down wit his driver launching 9 degrees.... it’s a sin I tell you.... how can they even post such garbage numbers.
  12. Forget Jerry’s delusional golf endeavors.... a) did Jer mix Betas with bottom suckers? Cuz.... he can use one dem ball retrievers to rescue the suckers if the ratio is off
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