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  1. Just an FYI, my TS2 which has been a beast for me for the past year, has had it's face flattened. I usually hit my drives at about 120 club speed, carrying 295/300 yards. In the past week the driver suddenly lost 40 yards of carry. I didn't lose any accuracy. The real odd thing is, that the club's sound didn't get softer or became thuddy, it has gotten significantly louder. Anyone else finding these new super thin faces acting like this? BTW- Local distributor that I got it from is taking care of me.
  2. Gainz coming to the best iron team out there!
  3. Somebody fix my putting. Burned 7 edges today. Ended up shooting a 79 bc of it. Damn ball won't fall in for me this month. I have been a donator for a few weeks now.
  4. Club is in headcover, no violent cart escapdes either
  5. Less than 40 swings, weird dimple appeared on toe side. Not a rock, not a tee mark, any ideas?
  6. Any updates on the swing? I'm in the same boat as you. Under or even par, then boom a high 80 because of an ugly pull, which I then over correct into a 2way miss.
  7. The Questions 1) What does it feel like when you’re putting well? -- everything looks correct, the feel is almost automatic. Back and forth feels smooth. 2) What is the biggest challenge when you’re putting poorly? Burning Edges and 20-40 footers. 3) What is your handicap? Playing .5 but i am a 2. Question for the manufacturer, does the clubhead of the mallet version completely lay flat?
  8. My xv is much longer than any ProV1 i have played in the last year. Great spin into greens as well.
  9. > @zer0 said: > > @ihatecats18 said: > > Wisconsin is a terrible place go to MN. Brainerd area. Maddens, Giants ridges, The Wilderness.. > > How is Wisconsin a terrible place to go??? > > You might be the first person ever in this forum to suggest a golf trip to Minnesota over Wisconsin. I am a Minnesotan. Wisconsin golf is fine.
  10. Wisconsin is a terrible place go to MN. Brainerd area. Maddens, Giants ridges, The Wilderness..
  11. I have an m4. Great off the tee. Very long, but sometimes from the grass the club lies funny on the ground for my eye.
  12. I went from flyz to m3/m4 this year and i noticed a significant amount of improvement on mishits. Maybe not longer but a toed shot is only losing 5 to 10 yards v 15+ with my flyz.
  13. ZB with a huge win. Wonder if the bag was the same setup
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