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  1. I don’t know the OP but I’ve seen a guy when I was like 18 that went low very quickly. He was the marvel of the golf course. These old guys who were their everyday, watched over him like he was their son. The only thing he never hit a driver , all irons was breaking 80 within 10 rounds. He was a freak. So I can believe it happens. The time I played a round with him he shot a 78 and he was pissed .
  2. Why yes their is someone out here that doesn’t believe the CBs hype. That was where this post started to get hijacked early on in the post. I agree with you.
  3. 2 shot 6 iron on the opening hole at a goat track after a pop up driver . The second shot was an uphill 150 that was about playing like 170 . Landed on green and bounced in hole . Never saw it because of the severity of the uphill but the group leaving the green started whooping it up. Never done anything like it again from that distance.
  4. You have been given a limit of 5 tournaments a year to watch on TV . What 5 tournaments do you put on your list? Mine: 1) British Open. 2) The Masters 3) US Open 4) PGA 5) Tour Players Championship Done in the order of preference.
  5. Usually my delusions are over by the first tee and after the first f bomb come out. Golf is fun after that. At 62 I don’t have expectations. Oh yeah one, to get to the 18th with out dying.
  6. Yes but this forum is full of buyer regret.
  7. Depends . In the world of golf instruction you have the hand and arm swingers and the the body based swing. Manuel Del la Torre would say swing the club and the body reacts or happens. Ernest Jones in his instruction book shows a person swing the club head with body eliminated in the drawing. Kinda let’s you know what he thought of hips and turns.
  8. Now for something completely different a post on the subject at hand. I played the 718 AP1s and went with the Callaway Mavriks after testing the T300s . I thought they were sweet but the lug nut on the irons back were off putting. The new 300s coming later this fall doesn’t have this. Another decision for going mavrik was looking for larger gaps between irons. The 4 1/2 to 5 range.
  9. I was going for a 12 to 15 yard difference. At 4 I was getting a 8 yard , not enough for my sorry swing.
  10. Tinkered with this once. But eventually bought a set that has 5 degree gapping. Starting at 29 degree 7 iron on up. Hybrids 6 and below. Mizuno has this with the HM series pro and non pro.
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