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  1. PC strikes again. No forgiveness even after you have a heartfelt apology
  2. Fresh produce in central Illinois starts with asparagus, strawberries, black berries, sweet corn, peaches, apples , as well as new potatoes early of heirloom varieties, onions, radishes, lettuce, peas, and green beans. Where I live at , about 30 and 50 miles away is some of the best watermelon and cantaloupe/mush melon you’ll ever eat. Sweet corn is as close as a neighbor away. The peaches are as close as 40 miles but about 70 miles away is the best peach country. Man I love the white peaches for eating right off the tree.
  3. If you want to correct it with equipment then either try the Callaway BB 21 or extreme help needed a driver with offset. Cobra has these. IMO: Correct path with an instructor.
  4. Saw the 2021 Callaway SuperSoft at Dick’s Sporting Goods .
  5. Thanks for the info OP ! Canceled my order on the super hybrid and went with another 3 wood from my Epic Flash that I couldn’t get over my shoulders in height. The new three gave height but was offset and it was easy to turn over causing a hook. Damn the cancellation! Good news though got an Adam’s tight lie at 16 degrees. Shorter shaft and hybrid feel. I still feel I missed out.
  6. Used a Callaway Epic 3 wood and never could get use to it. A lot of low liners is all I could get out of them. Ping G15 was replaced by it and wish I hadn’t. The new Ping stuff is great as well BUT I ordered the Adam’s Tightlie at 16 degrees and love it even more than my old G15 .
  7. One that gives me a chance to make the green with a 4 or less. No limbs, no sand, and ball dry.
  8. No. I hit my putts and chips farther past the hole at 62 than ever .
  9. In my younger days I carried a 1,2,3,4 irons. My swing was around 100 at best but I loved long irons . Never had a strong swing speed but you had to make do with what was available. Playing more at the time sure helped with making good contact. So it’s possible.
  10. Been replacing irons with hybrids for over 6 or more years now. First it was the 3 and 4 then the 5 . This year it was the 6 and for next year the 7. I agree Obee that the hybrids cut down on wild shots on tight courses. For me a miss hit with my 7 iron was a slight pull with a hook that went 170 yards. That shot raised its ugly head too often so ordered a hybrid. If I miss them it usually a slight move either direction. Nothing as scary as that pulled hook that goes 20 more yard than average and 30 yards side ways.
  11. Got a CB X 2 sand wedge . Ordered a Big Bertha 2019 7 hybrid. Wife got me a nice winter coat, not to heavy but it’s like wearing a thermos when zipped up . And the youngest son got me me a Dallas Cowboy stocking cap. Santa was very very good to me.
  12. Any wedge with a cavity back. CBX 2 as others have said is the one I chose.
  13. For me it would be stupid. BUT what is stupid for me isn’t stupid for everybody.
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