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  1. I did get the stock shaft . The 55. Maker ??? Don’t know.
  2. What I’ve seen in my Mavrik irons , which have offset in spades, true to higher ball flight and a slight draw . I tended toward a fade when playing irons without much offset.
  3. I was thinking hard about the 17 degree super hybrid but couldn’t find one. Love me some hybrids. Got 3,4,5,6 as hybrids now. I’m at an age where 3 woods go too low. Just got a unction to keep trying . Glad you like your super hybrid. I’m sure it’s a keeper.
  4. I’m down 3 strokes with the Mavrik irons currently. Still not as a low as lessons .
  5. A 10.5 Epic Flash set to 9.5 with a stock shaft at 44.5 Regular flex shaft.
  6. I’m not a person that slices but ordered a three wood in the B21 line. It took about one hit for me to get use to the offset but can only say WOW! It’s got to be the easiest 3 wood to hit I’ve ever played . The low profile launches the ball without a balloon effect. Great height and distance. Was contemplating giving up on a 3 wood and add a super hybrid . Glad I waited.
  7. Okay here you go boggy . Only hit it 3 times today on two par 5s and off the tee on a 325 yard par 4. First hit off the the fairway on the first par 5 was a pull hook, not the club’s fault but adjusting to a offset fairway. On the next par 5 hit about 225 on the second shot after a lousy Drive leaving me about 70 yards green still a slight pull but distance was very good on a shot at hit slightly fat. I was surprised with how it performed on that kind of hit. Then I decided to tee it up on a par 4 . Very low tee though. It went 245 on a slight downhill dry fairway with a slight draw. Very go
  8. I went lighter to the catalyst 65 and I have a lot less pain in my elbows and picked up 5 yards. That this old man needed.
  9. Magic Mushrooms and marygeewana are great way to start the day. But drugs to avoid ex-lax and Metamucil. Aleve on day of round only. Water even if it’s cooler on the front nine. Soda and hotdogs on the back. Crash will happen on way home then. If chicken sandwich or better yet, chicken salad to replace hotdog if possible. Avoid chips, greasy fingers.
  10. He is great for the game. He does it with flare and science
  11. Ping G15 that I gave away. DumbWord not allowed move.
  12. Left ? Swinging out of his shoes. And it’s beautiful to behold.
  13. Okay if you can find it, Callaway Epic Flash . Tendency for me is left if I let up by not finishing the swing. That would be right for a righty.
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