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  1. Great way to remember your dad. My dad died at 92 as well , 10 years ago. I miss him still. When I get sentimental, I play southern gospel to remember him by. And classic country that he loved I know love. Was a Rush growing up.
  2. Spider will always be there but Sacks Parente 39 is my go to now.
  3. Actually I tried to strengthen my grip but never liked the feel or results. Seem to get too inside on the back swing and while not blaming the strong grip, that what happened, causing an inside out swing for me. Been working with a more open shoulder at setup with a weak neutral grip. The path of the backswing keeps the club from going inside too quick. Got this from Carl Lohren’s book, One Move to Better Golf. He recommends a weaker grip but that is from the era I started golfing in (1975) and he was watching Hogan when he started thinking why he was so consistent. I’m not a Pro and at my best was a 5 to 6 hcp but my thinking on all this ? The feel of the grip determines whether weak or strong. As long as it’s a proper golf grip.
  4. The longest ? Was my cobra 3, 4, and 5 hybrids, baffler . Maybe 7 years. At least in my near past. The oldest currently? Last year I bought a tight lie 3 wood. That’s the oldest now.
  5. Took lohren right shoulder start the swing to the course . I’m a lefty. It will need some work but on the front I drove well and hit 5 greens and fringe area on 2 more. Back wasn’t so productive. Lost my way on a few holes on the back. Golf is over for me until Spring. Will continue working on it until then. Thanks for bring up Carl Lohren as well as the others. Never heard of him until very recently.
  6. Been reading Lohren’s book. Very interesting take on the backswing. My plan is to try it for next years swing. Been a MDLT guy this year with success but like to change it up.
  7. Used Vokey and Cleveland together in the past
  8. I have been a 2 piece junky for 46 years. Every now and then I’d try a better ball but never got better distance and the stopping power was good. But this year Started testing. Went to E12 contact loved it but the ball was a dirt magnet , maybe the dimple design?, and since no one in our area had a ball washer and couldn’t get it cleaned by towel even. So I bought a dozen Titleist Pro V1s and I was wrong about Pro V1s. They are a great ball. They are every bit as long and have more stopping power than any ball I ever played . E12s? Well I may still play them on occasion on less than stellar courses but the go to will be the Titleist.
  9. Yes. Be thankful. Mine is partially my weight. And secondly it’s brain inactivity.
  10. Big, I’m not a pro but the only thing I see in common with all the PGA players past and present is at impact and after is that the body has moved away from the impact zone to make room for the arms. When I feel and do that the ball is usually heading in the correct path to the target. Am I catching on ?
  11. Mine is better but my doctor is thinking my issue requires a bi pap machine. I rarely go below 5 events an hour with the CPAP. It helps but not enough. I’m not 65 yet so the cost comes out of pocket for some of it, insurance picks up the rest.
  12. Dream bag? Mine is close currently. Ping G425 Driver Tight Lie 3 Wood Epic Flash 3 4 5 hybrids PXG XP Gen 4 6 thru Gap PXG 52 56 Forged Putter ? One that would get me to a consistent 28 putts a round, that’s all I’m asking.
  13. Between those two, Mizuno HM 921. I thought they were the best feeling GIs I’ve ever had. Very accurate. Then tried the PXG XPs. That was an eye opener .
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