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  1. Had a Canadian and a Brit try to explain the right to bear arms to me. Both were way off mark. I think arrogance comes to most people in most countries quite naturally.
  2. One and one only. At my best it was swing through the back inside quad of the ball.
  3. The shoes reminds me of something my grandad wore to take granny out for Saturday night dancing....
  4. First off that is pretty impressive for no lessons. Anyone can benefit from a good teacher as long as that teacher can build on what you already have without changing you completely.
  5. Reading John Redman’s Essentials of the Golf Swing. He states that the hips turn first and shoulders will follow. Advocates Percy Boomer’s turn in the barrel, though I think it’s mostly the barrel on the backswing. Redman was the teacher of Paul Azinger .
  6. My clubs talk to me. They tell me just give up the game.
  7. Went out yesterday to practice with a strong grip trying to incorporate what I gathered from watching clement’s vids. It went well so I took it to the course today. Shot an 81 which not bad for my old bones. Got some very good drives with some length and hit some irons longer than I expected to. So all in all I’m pleased in my test phase. My only miss was pulls where I went over the top . Had two go in the water on a back to back par 5 and 4. Wasn’t paying attention to my setup. All in all I love it.
  8. This is a “depends” question. Ask one pro he says long , ask another pro he says short. Depends on who you ask.
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