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  1. Large part of the cost is due to EPA regulations. You can’t build a foundry in the USA without having meeting pollution controls compared to the Chinese and other Asian countries . It’s not all labor. Case in point, my cousin put a catering banquet hall on his farmland . The cost doubled due to ever increasing regulations. It went from 1 million to 2 million dollars. That’s only a place that’s got to get rid off animal and plant waste . Can’t imagine what the cost would be for pollution control with the green energy costs.
  2. Well maybe but he doesn’t come right out and say it. I see why companies do go overseas to make the heads and shafts.
  3. Wonder what the price would be if companies forged and/or cost if done in USA? Just the cost on the EPA approved factory would be mind boggling.
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/golf-club-maker-one-many-153040434.html
  5. Adam’s Tight Lie at 16 degrees or the Ping G15 at 15.5. Both are close to GOAT in my mind .
  6. Coming from a PXG 0311 XP Gen 4 user? PXG 0311 XPs though Apex DCBs are okay just not PXGs.
  7. Howard I read your article about six years ago. I followed it when I found that anything over 44.5 inches is not good for me. tried the longer shaft this year but had the same issue as before. Had a epiphany or a duh moment when I realized my issue was, as before, too long of a shaft. Thank you for answering my reply and though I’m not familiar with how hot Melt works will find a club maker who does. Thank you again.
  8. My plans are as the title says. In the past my go to for swing weight recovery was lead tape on the bottom. Would putting weights in the 1 and 3 ports work as well to equal the Swing Weight of d3 or 4 ? Or is there a better method.
  9. The Devil Club…looked like a sledgehammer on a golf shaft.
  10. Always trying to find what improvements I need or just something I found out. 1) PXG makes exceptional irons and wedges. Can’t say anything on the rest of their equipment, don’t have any. 2) Golf can be played with just about any method. Used two different ones this year with equal amount of success or failure , depending on how you view it. 3) My putter is my biggest problem area, followed by short game. 4) Golf takes a lot of practice or play to really improve. 5) Titleist Pro V1 is still the best golf ball that I can’t afford to play regularly.
  11. Looking to make someone out to be a racists.
  12. Driver no doubt. Got to learn how to properly tee up the the 460 cc driver. Constantly teeing up too high for fear of the low club face hit.
  13. OP Keep it up. Golf can be played by just about any physical limitations
  14. Like the site for its testing methods. Like Golfwrx because of all the drama , like let’s lock this post. Who gives a rip.
  15. Anything MDLT/Ernest Jones. Clay Ballard Martin Hall Jim Venetos All different but each show a valid technique. Hall is probably the most willing to give a swing technique that fits a particular golfer, no cookie cutting with him.
  16. All this talk about planes . I hate flying. Been on one round trip on a jet from St. Louis to Dallas Ft Worth . Never happening again unless heavily drunk. You can tell me how safe it is but not being in control scares the living sh1t out of this country boy.
  17. Feel ya there! My clubs have been cleaned and are put away for next year. 30s and 40s here in corn country.
  18. Only one, pinnacle golf ball. Everything else is on the table. PXG because of commercials makes me laugh. PXG is a stellar club maker. Expensive? Depends on you, 0211 irons aren’t or going to gen3s in the 0311s.
  19. Personally I used a 3 thru 7 earlier this year but backed off to a 3 thru 5. But I’m not selling the 6&7 anytime soon though. Hybrids irons are easy to hit and as someone else said as long as your game doesn’t require any curve you shouldn’t have any issues. That’s what I like about them. Straight as can be might get a 3 foot curve either way.
  20. I’m an XP Gen4 user . Best feeling irons I’ve ever owned. Very much a GI with a hint of SGI as well. They’ll be in the bag for quite a few more years. Will be hard to replace.
  21. The clubs performance doesn’t know anything about the commercials or Bob. That should be anyone’s focus.
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