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  1. Sim Rocket 3 (14°) head only. Purchased in October and I switched to a 15° 3W as I went to a 10.5° driver. There is a ball mark high on the face with some scratches to the paint which I tried to capture below but if you need more pictures let me know. I do not have the original headcover but will ship in a cover. - $165
  2. Sim 9.0 driver, bought last October and no issues just beat out by a Sim 2 Max. $235 shipped to the US and I can ship out tomorrow. Would be willing to trade for a Sim 2 or Sim 2 Max 3W.
  3. Jordan IV G - Size 11.5 - New, only tried them on in the house. Just can’t see myself wearing these instead of the XI’s. - $325
  4. Got mine in, not my favorite feel or fit and went with my normal size of 11.5. Probably going to return as I much prefer the feel of the 11’s.
  5. Driver & 3W head - SOLD Two shafts available with Cobra tip HZRDUS 63g, 6.5 shaft with MCC+4 grey grip, 44” tip to grip - $50 HZRDUS 76g, 6.5 shaft with MCC+4 grey grip, 42.5” tip to grip - $50 Take both shafts for $75 Nike Flyknit Chukka Blue size 11 - SOLD
  6. Dormie Workshop. Best quality and tremendous to work with!
  7. They are an old version (3-4 years) of the Nike grip socks. I think they sell a version in their soccer line still but I don’t think they sell a wide variety anymore.
  8. Any word on if the Roshe will be released in the Fearless pack? Maybe when Rory tees off?
  9. New Era Ryder cup winter hats are excellent.
  10. I upgraded to the 8’s so the 7’s are for sale. 165 for the set. Each club is 1/2” long, 2° upright and has 4 wraps of tape under the right hand to mimic a MCC +4 grip. $165 for the set. 50F (12), 54S (10) and 58D (12).
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