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  1. Had a set of 29's that my Dad wore out and gave to me - I then sent them to Iron Factory when they were still doing copper underlay and had them restored - easily the softest blades I'd ever hit. Liked them so much I searched high and low for the famed TN-87's, which absolutely lived up to their famous billing (can't bring myself to let go of them). The 14's were spectacular as well, but I had already been playing the 29's beforehand. I think you truly had to evolve from the MS/MP-9's to the MS/MP-11's, then 14's in that order, to appreciate how they could actually get better and better. Next were the MP-100's which were a little different all to themselves - making the transition very enjoyable. The 68's are also fantastic - giving the MP-5's a whirl this year. But in the end, the 29's win out, PW shovel all the same.....the reverse offset progression was really cool if you liked it at the time. Hardly see it any more. Ken
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