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  1. Pretty decent start from Hovland yesterday.. I know his playing partner did a most of the heavy lifting but still.
  2. I think your probably right, only way to make a hollow head feel good is to insert some sort of filler inside the head and I believe TM and PXG hold those patents.. Blueprint for me was a hotter face than iBlade so a modern players iron face can be done in 1 peace, but I don't know how forgiving they can make them that way, iBlade was almost identical in forgiveness compared to i200 because of the way it is build.
  3. Yeah I hope so too, Pings hollow irons have felt horrid so far, but I do trust Ping wouldn't make a bad feeling iBlade replacement.. They have now had 5 years to design these Let's hope these stay in the tour players bags, that would somewhat validate they feel good.
  4. My Ping Rep told me i59 will be expensive, that points out to it being hollow IMO. I am under the impression we will have more info beginning of June.
  5. I have tried everything in players-irons category that has come out since iBlade and so far nothing has felt better for me. T100 was close and Srixon ZX7 has come close.. But still nothing better out there for me, PXG could be better but I am not the customer they make clubs for.
  6. I know the feeling, last time I have had a fully functional fairway wood that I can hit off the tee and off the deck was back in 2017 - 2018 gaming the M2 3HL 2017 version with a AD DI 6X at D3,5. Should have never sold it.. This spring starts with 3 fairways, hope on of them makes the cut. G410 15,5 flat KBS TD C3 tipped 1" @ 44" D3. Mavrik 4fw 16,5 MSI 130 70S 43,25", M4 3HL Tensei Orange 70S 43,25. And if non of these work, prolly going to get a SIM2 Max 3hl and slap a Hzrdus Green 70 6.0 in it..
  7. The picture of the Glide Forged Pro wedges we saw this WGC Matchplay this weekend leads me to believe the i59 picture is real, the topline bevel is almost identical.
  8. I have found a pretty happy medium of very great walkability, grip and style in the Footjoy Traditions model. To Tour Premier looks a bit better from the side but this is way more comfortable and about 100 eur less.
  9. Hello dude! I have had both so I can share my experiences. Just for context, I drive at about 108 and play off 7. I am a low launch/spin player and actually prefer a 4 FW, very limited amount of options for a 4fw last season so I had an idea that I get the SIM TI 3 FW and crank it up to 16,5 or 17 but the face closed and I it just didn't sit well at the ball and everything went left. The very rounded face didn't sit well with my eye and the low spin killed the ball flight for me. Tried a few different shafts with it but just couldn't get it to work. Sold it. I bought a
  10. I'm pretty sure/hopeful the 115 will be the stock shaft in the next i59 launch, like Modus 105 was in the 2016 launch of iBlade.
  11. What does that mean? Teh shaft wont be available to buy? Wont be used as option for club manufacturers? Why launch a product and then not release it?
  12. Really liked the hybrid, easy launch and forgiving. Good sound also! Tested off a mat in trackman.
  13. I've hit the Rad Speed a 3fw and the Big Tour. Liked both very much! The Big Tour is the best feeling fairway wood off the face I have ever hit, and I have hit them all. I'm the type of delofter that needs the HL heads to be optimized so I tried the normal Rad Speed 3fw turned up to 16 and using the Motore X 6S shaft it did look a bit closed but according to trackman it went straight on a optimal trajectory. Really liked the 'lighter then I am used to' Motore X shaft on the fairway. Head feel more solid then F9 & SZ fairways did, really liked the feel. T
  14. I once had a Glide 2.0 with an 1,5" longer iron shaft and it also had ridiculous amounts of spin. But the club was pretty much useless, ball kept spinning off the green..
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