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  1. 1" extension will snap under the handle with proper speed, I have experience of this, has happened to me 2 times. It's not nice when you drive an hour to a course and have it snap on the 1st tee. My club builder recommends maximum of 0,5". Best option is to buy a new shaft in raw length and just trim it to the longer length.
  2. To properly try a driver these days is to buy it really, so multiple a year. It's so easy to sell them.
  3. DJ's putter his gaming now is definitely not the one he won the Masters with, that had some nicks.
  4. According to Ping's own website, there is 4 full i59 sets in use at the PGA tour out of 28 players. Not great..
  5. Actually looks pretty good, the glossy crown that get's scratches from soft towels has been a major gripe of mine about Callaway drivers for a long time. Just a bit bummed the MAX LS is not getting a swing weight port..
  6. Can you help me find these from the pics, was in non of the WITB's?
  7. That putter is low key the most stable putter on offer, rear stable putter with great feel.
  8. That setup is nice! Love the stability in the putter and the AD DI in the MAX head.
  9. Got my Phantom X 11,5 re-gripped with a Matador, going to be interesting to see if this can dethrone the Excalibur that is the Stability Tour X12,5.
  10. Oh my, wouldn't hardly call Ian Fraser a person "without a deeper knowledge"... But yeah, there is always a person in GWRX forums that "knows better".
  11. TXG guys have a video about this where they had some company measure CG locations, what they ended up concluding was that in the Callaway EF head the the movable weight mostly changed the rate of rotation before the impact. The change in CG location was minimal. What I have personally noticed is that the feel suffers in Ping G410 Plus driver when there is a moveable weight that is not in the central location, also using a lighter weight in a Ping head to match swing weight also takes away from the feel. In the G410 LST the feel in non neutral position was not that noticeable, probably due to the CG being more forward to start with. In a G425 MAX head the feel stays better even if weight is not in the central location but the sound is affected, fade location for example makes the head sound more hollow.
  12. How about the offset and the shape? It looks rather boxy in the pics.. How about the topline, is is iBlade-like?
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