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  1. I think this is true, but when properly fitted, like TXG level fitted. Rory had his best driving EVER with the M5, it's a shame he can't switch back to it even if he wanted.. And so did Koepka, he still returns to his M5 after testing something new.
  2. Same here, would love to test these in a T100 or Srixons new irons. Would also like these to be a standard shaft for iBlade2.0 at fall 2021.
  3. Could you hit me up as well, thanks man! I keep missing the pics also..
  4. I can't find the pics online or IG. Could someone PM the pics? I'm pretty sure a lot of members have the pics by now
  5. That's filthy. We have seen huge bombs over the years at Johannesburg due to the elevation (1700m) and extreme heat, but it's still awesome to see a tour player hit it over 400m. G425 LST maybe for him?
  6. I was hoping the horrid Nike brown would have been gone by now
  7. Had a SIM Max this season, great looks, feel, ballspeed. But had a 2 way miss with it all season long. I had my worst FIR % for the last 2 seasons, but in all fairness I did game Ping drivers before this and they tend to hit more fairways. Adapter on the STD setting lie angle was too flat for me, big miss to the right when I didn't manage to close the face, then again adapter on the LIE side was too upright, miss was a big hook. Sold it this week, lost only $30 using it all season.
  8. What clip-in pouches are your referring to?
  9. This thing is legit good, rolls the ball so nice. Front CG it just releases better for me.
  10. Please fix the title of this topic, fake a** news
  11. I went for a Mavrik Max fitting, 30min free fitting, started of by warming up before the session. I hit the baseline with my fitted SIM Max and hit about 3 perfect strikes and one OK, they were optimized ASF. Mav Max couldn't compete, we threw everything the fitter had on it, he even went to his car to get his own shaft but nah, nothing could beat the SIM Max in that fitting.
  12. I guess people can stop posting the generic computer generated images here, I believe we have all seen them a multiple times. IRL / hands on and comparison pic's much appreciated. Do we know what the standard shaft setup coming to Europe / US is going to be?
  13. This whole line looks like a winner to me, could be the 1st time the whole woods lineup end up in my bag, for real. Welcome addition to the MAX driver is the lie angle at 59,5 since there is also the flat setting why no make the normal setting a bit more upright, it was 58,5 in the G410+ and found the G410+ a bit fade biased with the weight in the neural setting. Now the G425 LST is at 58,5 and I think that fit's it pretty well. Awesome to see the expensive CK PRO Orange as an up-charge fitting option, too bad it's only a stiff they have, maybe this is for t
  14. Seems like the crown is not as raised as the Conforming pictures let on..
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