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  1. Great findings, had the same feelings in my Stealth fitting it's very plain to look down on.. Can't wait to book my Rogue ST fitting. Crossy has RST Max vs RST Max LS head to head:
  2. So your logic would be: iE1 -> i200 -> i210 -> i525 i525 will replace the i500.
  3. Well these are something new. The Spider EX clearly was a huge flop, have not seen a single one used on tour. These look a bit smaller, anyone know what the GT stand for? Wonder if this has a new take on the new insert, I see for tour they have made one with the good old Pure Roll insert also.
  4. For those that missed the video, here are some visuals. The matt crown version looks very good again this season, I just hope the LTD X also has that crown as an option. With this crown accent color, it's like the head was made to be paired with a Fuji Motore X.
  5. What head do you use? I have an issue with the forgiveness of the 5 wood as an 3 wood replacement.. A modern 5 woods is usually very small compared to the 3/4 wood. Here for example the Stealth 3hl demo next to the Stealth+ 5 wood, there is a pretty massive dip in forgiveness between these 2. I have not gotten along with previous 3hl heads since they sit so closed and upright, last 3hl head that worked great for me was the 2017 M2 3hl.
  6. I still think he was a better putter with the Spider Tour (under pressure), he could have won las week put some of them putts just didn't drop.
  7. Can't wait to test those new putters, and I am basically a Scotty loyalist!
  8. Yeah there were multiple mistakes in the brochure, I guess they will eventually fix it. Maybe since the outer layer of the Carbon 60X face is basically plastic, it doesn't hold up to the ware and tear that a FW/HY needs to hold up.
  9. Why not have the carbon face in the fairway? The SIM2 MAX 3 HL was shut to my eye and didn't go into the bag because of that, I guess the Stealth 3HL has a harder time sitting closed since it's black on black.
  10. Interesting, are those extensions available to buy somewhere? Would be nice to test!
  11. Yeah I did go back to the guy that made it, he made it 2 more times and it kept breaking. That's when I had enough so I when I went to my normal builder that built an extension that lasted, he preferred to max out at 1,5 cm. I have to ask that if "cheap plastic" is to blame here, what high grade materials is your extension made out of? a real GWRX keyboard macho man flexing about how much 'strain he puts on a shaft'.. lol
  12. The builder I have is the best in the county with about 20+ years worth of experience. He didn't do the longer extensions that snapped, he did the one that didn't snap. I guess you guys don't play golf in the 35° F in the winter like happens in my county that puts a real strain on gear.
  13. 1" extension will snap under the handle with proper speed, I have experience of this, has happened to me 2 times. It's not nice when you drive an hour to a course and have it snap on the 1st tee. My club builder recommends maximum of 0,5". Best option is to buy a new shaft in raw length and just trim it to the longer length.
  14. To properly try a driver these days is to buy it really, so multiple a year. It's so easy to sell them.
  15. DJ's putter his gaming now is definitely not the one he won the Masters with, that had some nicks.
  16. According to Ping's own website, there is 4 full i59 sets in use at the PGA tour out of 28 players. Not great..
  17. Actually looks pretty good, the glossy crown that get's scratches from soft towels has been a major gripe of mine about Callaway drivers for a long time. Just a bit bummed the MAX LS is not getting a swing weight port..
  18. Can you help me find these from the pics, was in non of the WITB's?
  19. That putter is low key the most stable putter on offer, rear stable putter with great feel.
  20. That setup is nice! Love the stability in the putter and the AD DI in the MAX head.
  21. Got my Phantom X 11,5 re-gripped with a Matador, going to be interesting to see if this can dethrone the Excalibur that is the Stability Tour X12,5.
  22. Oh my, wouldn't hardly call Ian Fraser a person "without a deeper knowledge"... But yeah, there is always a person in GWRX forums that "knows better".
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