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  1. No. That is the high end of the menu but it isn’t what I would consider cheap either.
  2. One item today. Srixon ZX7 A Wedge. This was bought a few weeks ago and was hit during one round and a handful of balls warming up. As close to new as you can find. Still has sticker on shaft. Modus Pro 120 stiff shaft. SOLD!
  3. These have maybe 5 rounds on them and a couple range sessions at most. In extremely good shape. Stock Loft, Length and Lie. Currently have brand new NDMC standard grips on them, except AW, which was just bought new and has standard grip. I also have some Lamkin Sonar Midsized I could swap out if you prefer those. In the pictures the PW and 9 iron show plastic from the range balls on them that I must need to get more elbow grease to get it off or something. Sold
  4. I can’t decide what is funnier, the original post or all the people who answer like it is real question. my next post, “what can I hit 290-300 that will land soft with a little backspin if I need it? I would put a lot of $ down that most asking the question or answering this thread can even hit it 260
  5. Man, really wish these has just a bit less shaft! Great setup.
  6. Works perfectly and is in great shape. Comes with all the instruction sets, bag, case, silver stickers, charging cable as well as a nice little stand. Sold
  7. Like the tile says, these are unworn, brand new in the box. They are the dark blue sole with some red accents on the bottom. These will be shipped in the original box and packaging. SOLD
  8. Thought you were asking $375 just a few posts above. This is getting tough to follow.
  9. This is 1000% correct. I would have to golf everyday of the week for my course to pencil out, but, the other benefits outweigh the financial. Nice course, easy tee times, big group of buddies to play with etc. I also play about twice as much as I normally would because of our family membership. It’s paid for so you better use it!
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