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  1. 1 hour ago, Golfnuck said:



    I agree 100% with what others have stated  ....  joining a private club is never a value proposition.


    And as you have clearly stated that you are all about saving money then 1000000% joining a private club is not for you.


    Your questions 2 and 3 are not relevant as your point 1 will never be met by joining a private club.


    This is 1000% correct. I would have to golf everyday of the week for my course to pencil out, but, the other benefits outweigh the financial. Nice course, easy tee times, big group of buddies to play with etc. I also play about twice as much as I normally would because of our family membership. It’s paid for so you better use it!

  2. From what I have seen, a lot of people come out of club champion with the same shafts and similar builds.

    Oban iron shafts are a great example, if you see a set for sale or an iron set with these for sale, they almost always came from a CC fitting.

    Cobra Forged Tec irons are another that I have seen a lot of fittings come out with.


    both of these examples could be a result of just a good product that works for a lot of people as well. I do think they lean towards shafts that are not readily available by the OEM.

  3. #1 These posts from OP are about impossible to read and follow.

    #2 you like to play fast and would prefer to not have anyone in front of you, so you believe that you deserve a spot in front of others you deem slower? Get in line, everyone wants their tee time as they want it and want to make sure they aren’t held up or that they are not pushed. It is likely only obvious to you how everyone should accommodate your preference and how it is the only way that makes sense


    you get in line with others, they draw via lottery and you get what you get. Nobody will or should care that the fact that you want to play fast should give you any preference over anyone else




  4. I love the Jones brand, their approach and a lot of their gear. That said, I just can not make their bags work. I have owned all of them besides the cart bag. I typically get them, use them a handful of times and then get rid of them because they just don’t work well for me. I have owned 3 players bags, 2 utility’s and 2 originals. Single strap just doesn’t work for me and I find it way uncomfortable and the 2 strap system just stinks. I would love it if they would get a more modern 2 strap setup. I love the look but can’t deal with it in my daily bag.

  5. Do the Gallivanters stretch at all? I tried on the 8.5 and they felt just right with just enough room. I tried the 8’s and they were just a hair snug. I felt like if they do not stretch at all, 8.5 would be great but if they stretch at all, 8 would be perfect. Any input on if you guys feel they stretch at all?


    To stay in line with the thread, it seems like they run sales fairly regularly. I would just watch them and be ready to pull the trigger on a sale. Or as stated above, ebay can nab some deals.

  6. SAme exact thing with me. I am no pro but I am more than capable of using epoxy to build a club. I used some of this two weeks ago in the small packets. Squeezed out equal amounts, mixed completely and it never fully cured. I took the club apart and did it again, being even more diligent and got the same result. I checked the cardboard I mixed it on days later and it was not fully cured.

    I got a different brand and it worked just like it should, no problem.

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