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  1. Oh yeah, if you have any pull into getting on some AMAZING private courses, Blackrock and Gozzer are right there and you cannot do better. Rock Creek is another fully private I would out just below the two above.
  2. If you want to drive a bit, go check out Wine Valley in Walla Walla. I would say that it and circling raven are the two best tracks in E WA. It is a bit of a drive but well worth it IMO. Plus you could hit some wineries if you like that sort of thing. If it were me, I would skip Indian Canyon and play the Creek of Qualchan. Way better course If I get to pick.
  3. This can be a great idea if you put in some practice. By far the best part of my game is chipping and pitching. I decided about 5 years ago I would primarily use one club around the green unless there was an unusual circumstance that made me use a higher lofted club or a lower lofted. I use a 56 any time I am within about 50 yards and I feel pretty confident that I can almost always get up and down.m or have a good shot at doing so. I can flop it better with my 56, I can stop it better, I can get it to run out. My only problem is that it is an older 56 and I can not find any new wedge that seems to have the same grind. I would love to find a new version of the club but I can’t seem to find something that sits the same, opens up etc.
  4. Most are wool I believe so they naturally don’t absorb moisture. I have some and they have held up fine over the years.
  5. “The guy who never shuts the [email protected]$k up. Once a year a guy in my golf league buddy comes into town aNd plays with us. In 9 holes he manages to get in 10000 words. Drunk before we start and we get to hear the same jokes and stories as years prior. Talks while he is swing and when everyone else is swinging. He is a really nice guy and funny though” I played with this same guy today. Private club, we had a 4 some, he essentially met us on the tee and announced he was going to join us and play 5 some. We know him, he is annoying but a decent guy...blah blah blah will not shut the f$&@ up from the first second, about his instructor, lessons, how rich his wife is, what he is working on etc. you have to come to terms that there are people who are so self absorbed that they can not notice when 4 other dudes are sitting on a tee box irritated that he is just jumping in and immediately compromising the round for everyone.
  6. For those that have really bad squeaking, I am sure you did, but to double check, did you take the white paper out that is in top of the tongue? I couldn’t believe the squeak but found that paper hidden in between the tongue and lace area.
  7. Just got mine. Styling is great. I really like the look in personUnlike every other Nike shoe, these are actually roomy. I had to go up a full size in the ADG for them to be wide enough but then they were to long. With these, I may even consider goin my down a half a size. Holy smokes are the soles flat and hard. I took off the first one I put on to see if there was something rigid left in the footbed. I feel there is almost little to no flex in the sole. At this point, unless they brake in massively, I can’t imagine wantin mg to walk 18 in these, probably not even 9 holes. With the extra room these have, I woukd have lived to see a slight bit of padding or flexibility in these.
  8. Apparently I am right in between an 8.5 and a 9 and these are just a bit small for me. These have never been worn and still have tags on them. I had a buddy order them for me through Nike directly as he got a discount through his work. Passing on the discount. $100 shipped to you in CONUS
  9. I search for ndc in the App Store and online and I don’t see anything. I have the Nike app but no clue what the NDC is or stands for.
  10. Do you have to request a reservation? New to this but trying to figure out how this wacky world works on the Nike App
  11. There is a gym in Lake Oswego that has a complete track man setup and screen that you get to use if you are a member. It may be worth a call to see if they would sell single time access to it. It is a smaller high end gym. you can rent out the hitting bays at Golf Galaxy by the airport too as an idea. Even if they are juiced up a bit, you can find your gapping and go off of that.
  12. Crispy new in the box with tags, never worn. My wife bought these for be but I hadn’t told her I already had them in black and the white. $120 shipped to you.
  13. I was wondering the same thing. Is he going really old school on his PW loft to go from that to a 56?
  14. Yep. Sheep Ranch Kingsbarn Carnustie Old Course Hopefully a few more.
  15. Don’t bother brining your cart. The two wheeled carts are easier to use on the uneven terrain. I have tried both and am thoroughly convinced that 2 wheels are the way to go at Bandon
  16. Use their pushcarts. They work better than the 3 wheeled style.
  17. Up for grabs are a killer pair for Premiers in a very hard to find colorway. These are New In Box with all tags still attached. Men’s size 11.5 $259 shipped to you In the lower 48.
  18. I belong to a private club and have a few guys I host every once in a while, no big deal. But, when I play with other buddies at a different private club, I show up a little early and walk in to the pro shop and pay. It is solved just that easy. I am sure your friend doesn’t mind paying for you because he keeps asking but if you feel like you should cover your own green fees, show up a bit early and take care of it. If the club doesn’t allow it they will tell you.
  19. Vessel stand bag and it’s not even close!
  20. Curious if you were fitted at Club Champion? To your question, I don’t think the results are surprising. Even though you may have felt comfortable with your old clubs, it doesn’t mean they were correctly fit for you. Also, the difference in tech and forgiveness between what you have and what you have been fit to is light years in difference.
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