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  1. Yep. Sheep Ranch Kingsbarn Carnustie Old Course Hopefully a few more.
  2. Don’t bother brining your cart. The two wheeled carts are easier to use on the uneven terrain. I have tried both and am thoroughly convinced that 2 wheels are the way to go at Bandon
  3. Use their pushcarts. They work better than the 3 wheeled style.
  4. Up for grabs are a killer pair for Premiers in a very hard to find colorway. These are New In Box with all tags still attached. Men’s size 11.5 $259 shipped to you In the lower 48.
  5. I belong to a private club and have a few guys I host every once in a while, no big deal. But, when I play with other buddies at a different private club, I show up a little early and walk in to the pro shop and pay. It is solved just that easy. I am sure your friend doesn’t mind paying for you because he keeps asking but if you feel like you should cover your own green fees, show up a bit early and take care of it. If the club doesn’t allow it they will tell you.
  6. Vessel stand bag and it’s not even close!
  7. Curious if you were fitted at Club Champion? To your question, I don’t think the results are surprising. Even though you may have felt comfortable with your old clubs, it doesn’t mean they were correctly fit for you. Also, the difference in tech and forgiveness between what you have and what you have been fit to is light years in difference.
  8. I think they are full length. I have this bag and you get zero club tangle
  9. It would save them money to ship 2 boxes instead of one???
  10. I was also fit into the Oban Ct115 Shaft. My fitting was also with CLub Champion. It would be interesting to see how many people end up getting fit into these by CC. I had no preference and gave them no price limits. My testing was essentially blind as I didn’t ask what Shaft I was hitting. I will say. These really did seem to feel the best and according to CC, performed the best. The inner conspiracy theorist in me wants to believe they are finding a way to push these without us knowing.
  11. It says in the description that it is 5lbs which is the same as the existing utility bag.
  12. Probably not going to happen, but the BB Alpha is a real good driver and going back even further the RAZRX was great too
  13. Peter Millar are very nice material but I find they run huge as far as fit goes. At least a full size IMO. Johnnie-O is a great shirt.
  14. I give..... Not sure I can follow the logic on this anymore, or the point for that matter.
  15. If your private club opens up tee times a few times a week for a few hours at a time to anyone that wants to, why in the world did you join, pay $45k and continue to pay $600/ month. You could just grab one of those open tee times. You already said that you don’t play on weekends anyway. Seems odd but whatever works for you is your deal. As far as all th threats of having the staff talk bad about you behind your back, what’s the point. Most of the people I know who are the biggest dicks have no clue and could care less. Those of us who like the maintaina good rep, tend to treat others at least as well as we would expect them to treat us, regardless of some position or job.
  16. I made the switch recently from a GBB 815 Alpha which I just could not find anything better or longer for the last few years. Finally found this driver and it will be the one! That said, it can be a little shorter than my GBB 815 but I don’t move the ball anywhere near as much and it just seems to come off straight most of the time. I doubt that it is any more short that 5-10 yards on average but boy it is just a lot more consistent.
  17. It is not a super light weight bag but not heavy either. I find it very easy to carry. It is usually all the crap I have in it that makes it heavy
  18. My first two times are Bandon I came away feeling like I did. It hit one solid short iron, similar to the comments about using wedges. You may think that you strike the ball well or that you have very good control with a wedge but the fescue combines with sand will truly show most golfers that they aren’t quite as pure as they think they are. If you normally really pinch the ball it will help a lot. I tend to pick it or sweep it and that does not work as well at Bandon. As others have said, practice long putts and also using a 9 iron for all sorts of shots from 120 and shorter.
  19. We take our kids out to our CC and everything is great. That said, I don’t take them out on Fridays and we also would not play as a 5 some with kids if there are groups that are teeing off directly behind us. I would feel like I am putting my kids in a prett my tough spot playing as 5 and during a busy time.
  20. Right on !!!!! This is fascinating to me as a seemingly pretty squared away human. Getting upset RIGHTFULLY at maybe one time on a course that more than likely you have played 1000x over or do frequently because joe public has that one time? Lighten up people. It’s golf. You’ll play again tomorrow These are the one percenters. If a guy gets that bent over 1 time one day chances are he’s probably club fodder by the staff for his entitlement. I have a good golf buddy who worked at a country club as a range/cart attendant and the amount of entitled white old guy crap was rampant. Lighten up people If you owned a nice classic car, should you be required to let anyone who wanted to take it for a spin for just an hour or so once a week? If you owned a private hunting ranch, would you want to open up for all the public to use? Hell, if you have a really nice backyard, should you be forced to let strangers come over for a few hours once a week to use your bbq and swim in your pool? Please send out a list of all the nice stuff you have and care about and the rest of us will schedule what time we are going to come over and use it.
  21. I still go back to, regardless of tax implications or anything else, members at private courses pay money to play at a private course, and that means play is limited to members and their guests only. Open it up to non members even one day a week for one hour a week and the club risks losing those members that fund the general managers job, groundskeepers proshop guys etc. you don’t join a private course in the US, to compete with non members for tee times Even at a relatively inexpensive club, if paying member can’t get a tee time one time that he wants, because they opened that time to the public, that member is going to raise hell, as he or she should. If you lose one member, it likely negates whatever the course made on that handful of tee times throughout the year.
  22. If private courses just let non members come in and play, they would find that they would lose essentially all of the members who actually fund the course. Limited members, open times, faster rounds, better facilities and upkeep are the exact reason that some people chose to pay some pretty big chunks of money. A course that is open to the public is always going to go for getting as many foursomes as possible through the facility, period.
  23. Are you asking if anyone has any reasons for why private courses don’t open up to the public to play??
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