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  1. Still no direct response from the poster above about buying so they are still for sale until then.
  2. Posts 242 Member 14097 Handicap 9 Thanks Thanks Given 1 Thanks Thanks Received 49 Thanked in 37 Posts FS/FT KBS $ Taper 120 Stiff iron shafts Well, I fell in love with these shafts during a fitting so I bought them with visions of building up a set to put in the bag this year but I just can’t move away from my gamers as they seem to just work for me. 8 shafts in total. Longest being 40.5” down to 37.5. Essentially 3-PW. These are brand new with the stickers still on them and in the plastic. .355 Taper tip as well. Never trimmed etc. Trades I would consider would be Scotty Newport Putters or possibly other high end putters, TM 790 irons, Mizuno JPX 900 Forged or something similar. Maybe This years M1-M4 driver? If you have something you feel is close, feel free to offer. Can include cash going either direction depending on Dropped to $250 if I am forgetting any details you need, just respond to the ad. Thx!
  3. I recently got fit and the Mizunos were a little longer and a little straighter. Your results may vary....
  4. If you are going to Bandon, you have to plan for it to rain, no matter when you go. Anywhere in the Oregon coast can get a patch to blow through even in the best months. If you get away with a dry trip, thank your lucky stars. It’s all part of the experience. You definitely need to plan for wind, light weight wind proof gear works well I have found. I think the DryJoy/FootJoy stuff is ok, not great. I would run the other way from Sunice. Anything with Goretex is going to be great. Nike actually has a golf rain suit that is pretty cheap and I have buddies that have stayed dry for many a round with it. I thought it was a little baggy but fit ok. Better safe than sorry with rain gear IMO at Bandon, you will not have fond memories of you get soaked through on hole 10. The pro shop with have gear there though. Prepare to pay a convenience fee though!
  5. Playing in the pacific NW, when we play late fall through spring, there are many times where you can hit into a blind spot in the fairway and lose your ball because it plugs somewhere. There will be no doubt that it landed in the fairway but sometimes they just bury, especially off the tee. How would you normally handle that in a friendly game.
  6. I was recently fitted for these shafts at a Club Champion fitting. It was essentially a dead even race between these and the Oban CT115. I got to thinking that these were both some of the more expensive shafts for irons out there, does anyone think Club Champion might be playing with how they fit a little bit so they sell more expensive shafts and not end up with OEM shafts? Certainly makes it harder to go out and find a used set or put them together yourself. All that aside, I did really like the shaft and will likely put them in play on my next set of irons
  7. Open to offers and trades! Don’t want this one to go to the “Bay”!
  8. Sorry, Stiff flex with Callaway adapter. 43.75” long tip to tip which so should play about stock length in a Callaway head
  9. Bought this after a Club Champion fitting. Fantastic Shaft that is essentially brand new. Sold
  10. I went through 5-6 bags trying to find the perfect bag and ended up being disappointed each time. I preferred something without a huge OEM logo on it, something classic that would pair nice with Seamus type head covers, had some good pockets ina good layout, big enough to carry 14 clubs, and that I could carry or ride on the course with. I found Vessel! Holy smokes, is it the right bag! I can not say enough about it. 14 way Top with full length dividers. It is not a super light bag but is very comfy to carry.
  11. I would suggest, if he says, let’s play at my home track, that you make sure to get there early and go in and take care of your green fees, before you meet up with him. Make it a non issue. Either way you come across looking appreciative.
  12. I recently got fit for a putter and was fitted to a Betti BB1, was told it had a toe hang of 45* if that makes sense and the right amount of offset. The fitter mentioned that there were quite a few putters that had the same specs and suggested this one. I was going to find one locAlly but can’t find any dealers close. If there were other similar models with the same configuration, it might be easier to find. Anyone have knowledge on what else I can look at
  13. I have the white and will answer a few questions. This is not a lightweight bag but it is not overly heavy and is very comfortable to carry. I had a lightweight bag and find this more comfy to carry. Magnetic pocket is right above ball pocket. I have had mine in the rain a few times and it seems to be fairly water resistant. I haven’t soaked it yet so can’t tell you how it holds up to that level. White is actually holding up pretty well. I have been trying to wipe off mud and stuff at the end of the round if any gets on. All good so far.
  14. I agree with the first response. So long as they want in on the money game, you should not feel bad. I have gone through this before too and always go back to these guys don’t have to bet or they could even contest differences in handicap and ask for a few more strokes. If you have a crappy day, I bet they feel ok about taking your money.
  15. Where did you see this 50% off discount?
  16. At my club, they want us to be able to drive on the grass as much as possible, without causing damage that will upset the membership. Always curious why people think there may some conspiracy that does not allow them to drive on the grass. If I felt that our operations crew did not weigh the desire of the members with what is best for the course long term, not sure I would belong somewhere. Maybe ask them why if you disagree.
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