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  1. Really love this bag as it looks super clean so now I am torn on if I should have my club logo added to the ball pocket. If I did I think either all black stitching or maybe dark gray with duck in it a color. Love to hear some feedback. It looks so simple and clean but kind of wonder if it needs a bit more of if I am overthinking this to much (very likely)
  2. This thread is truly baffling..... I had no clue that there were this many people out there who really thought it was ok to act this way.
  3. Golf costs money, plain and simple. Why?? You need a giant patch of land dedicated to one thing and a decent sized crew to maintain it. It would be pretty hard to play much golf if you struggle to make ends meet. With baseball, football, soccer, basketball there are parks all over the place that have facilities you can use to play. So back to how much to break 100? A set of lessons, some used clubs and maybe 20 rounds and there are a few that can do it.
  4. Ping Anser Milled is a great option.
  5. Great. Keep them coming. Would really like to see pics of these after some use.
  6. I have searched around and can not find a spot where one could download this strokes gained spreadsheet. Could anyone provide it? Thx!
  7. pldbryan

    Epic Driver

    Funny reading about the misses right. I hit a draw and it can turn into a hook. From day one on the course, I started to miss right occasionally. When I hit it well it would go straight but my miss turned into the right. A buddy of mine noticed and mentioned that these new low spin heads might result in this type of issue. Who knows but that was all it took for me. I can work with some way miss, both ways=no bueno
  8. I have a Ping Anderson milled #2 you could get for in that price range. Great outter
  9. Awesome, I appreciate the input. I really like the bag but need it to fit into the cart
  10. Joined last year and don’t imagine a will ever not belong to a CC. Great choice.
  11. For those talking about aeration,this is just my experience, so you may want to check. They use a different process with more needle like aerators. I played two years ago where they aerated Old Mac one day and we played it the next. You could not even tell they had done it. Our caddy said that because of th extremely sandy soil, they use needle like aerators and they fill themselves in almost automatically. The next day we played Old Mac and there was very little indication they had punched it th day before.
  12. Funny, until I read some of the comments, I could not tell what in the world the original post was trying to say. The people behind them hit them, people in jos own group hit him or what. A good reminder that whatever you might read on the internet, may have nothing to do with what really happened depending on how the clear the person posting it is.
  13. I used to play at a public course here in Portland that was awesome, but had a terrible reputation for extremely slow rounds. 5-6 hours! About 4 years ago, they decided that they were going to fix it. They out 2-3 marshals out, told you at check in that you were expected to play a a 4.5 hour round etc. the marshals were nice but they had no problem asking groups to be mindful of their pace if they were slow. After one warning, they made no bones about hurrying you up. Second time they bumped you forward to the next tee box. Some people thought it was a bit much at first but boy did it pick up play and everyone really liked it
  14. I am hoping the newer version fits great. I may have to run across town to look at them in person before ordering.
  15. I borrowed an older 4.5 as I thought it would be the perfect combo bag for me. I ride probably 70% of the time and walk the rest. I was getting tired of swapping bags around. When I threw the 4.5 in a riding cart, the base did not fit even close in the cart. With the mechanism, it was to deep to fit. Also, the bag was very oval shaped and seemed to want to sit sideways in the cart, this could be a result of the base too. I know they changed the base a while back to a more cart friendly bottom. Can anyone confirm that the changes worked and how it rides in a cart. Thanks.
  16. Current handicap is 8.5 Game a GBB 815 Alpha 10.5 with Fubuki Zt60 Stiff Shaft playing 45.25”. Core turned up. I was not fit for this club but recently went through some trial fittings for a few of the newer clubs. I am currently in full search mode for a driver and I am in the process of getting range time at my club with most of this years lineup. Really interested in the new Ping lines and how they stack up to other options and how it compares to my older driver. The aerodynamic focus of Ping along with their choice of shaft profiles has me curious. It would get plenty of range and course time as I am trying to ramp hard into spring golf season.
  17. I play at a private club where most members are in the 40-60 age category and probably are mostly in the 4-12 handicap range. While there are a few who can hit it 300, the vast majority are right with me of a total yardage of 250ish. One of the longest hitters I play with is the guy I give the most strokes to!!!
  18. Putter designs are getting maxed out it seems, that is, until someone (TM in this case) came out with the spider. Everyone seemed to agree that it was a pretty original design. I think this gets the comments because, this is the first real copy of the last real new design. I have no preference for either brand, or any brand for that matter. That said, you can't fault people for taking their first look at their new putter and immediately thinking "wow, neat take on TM spider"! First thing that popped into my head .
  19. They recently consolidate 2 golfsmiths in my area to 1 GG, which is now 30 min from my house. I used to have a Golfsmith 5 minutes from my house. Made the trip yesterday to go check out some bags, irons and some clothing. Figured I would come out with at least one of the items I was looking at. I am not sure I will go back. They literally had a 1/4 of the bags they used to have. 1-2 models from each of the big OEMs. I don’t think they had any Ping bags. Shoes- besides a few eccos and a couple higher end FJ, their offering was basically the bottom level shoes from each manufacturer. I wear a men’s size 8, which is outside the norm but certainly not a complete outlier, and I could have bought maybe 10% of the models they had available, possibly less. They stop at a size 9 in almost all cases and seemed to hit the upper limit at a 12-13. Clothing selection was terrible too, lots of floor space for a crap load of the same shirt in a few different color from the top three manufacturers. Again, the most basic, economy shirts, pants and rain gear each brand made. I have no use for that place..... my clubs pro shop blows it out of the water, and they are doing it with about 10% of the space and and amount of inventory
  20. We have stopped using caddy’s at Bandon. First time we went I used them for every round, 36 holes per day. Our first round we had literally the caddy from hell. I was going to pay him to leave. After that, I have had nothing but great experiences with them. Even with that, it was helpful to have their course knowledge the first time but because we were playing in March during cheap season and our second rounds were only 50% normal cost because they were re rounds, the caddy costs were getting close to what the green fee costs were. The second time we went I only used them for the morning round and since then, I only use them if I am there for work and they are footing the bill. For the expense, it is just not worth it for me.
  21. if you just want the cash, buy something that doesn’t depreciate a ton in value that you can resell easily. Scotty Cameron putters come to mind or possibly pick up a range finder on sale and stick it on eBay as new and price it 10% less than the others.
  22. I am sure you have asked or looked into it but is the initiation a deposit or a straight up fee. Recently joined a private club and found out, after we were all signed up that the up front fee is a deposit and not a fee. Once 30 years has passed, I get it back. If you don’t make it 30 years you forfeit the deposit. When I was looking at clubs, all of them had an option to spread the deposit out over the first few years. Where I joined it was about 20% up front and the rest spread over the next two years. You may ask about something like that. As many have said, depends on how full the club is to it’s target level. If they are relatively full and have a strong membership, they are less likely to present options.
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