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  1. Curious how the white is holding up? Any staining, rub marks etc? I live in the PNW and it isn't always dry with sunshine. In the winter I typically will switch to a waterproof stand bag but kind of kicking around getting one of these for summer and fall. I probably ride 80% of the time. White tends to show rub marks is my biggest concern, but man, that white is SUPER sharp looking.
  2. Watching the Open live at Chambers was worthless. If that counts for anything, I can’t fathom they bring a major event back there unfortunately. You literally could watch someone hit a ball but never could see where it went, or you could see it land, but couldn’t tell who hit it. I can’t imagine a course with poorer design in regards to spectators. That said, I haven’t played it yet and am eager to got a round in.
  3. Go to a outdoor store and get a silicone cloth meant for cleaning a gun. Will work like a charm. Will not take finish off either.
  4. Updated with additional trade options as well. Feel free to shoot me offers on this stuff if interested.
  5. Have a few items here for others to enjoy. Besides the driver, everything else is new with tags. 1. Callaway Epic 10.5 with Aldila Max 65 Shaft. Club is perfect except for a small corner of the green paint on the bottom cane off, shown in pic. Excellent condition with that minor chip of paint. $260 shipped. Will sell head only for $210 2. Peter Millar Mens size Large shirt. Brand new with tags. Wife ordered it and it is wrong size. $35 shipped 3. Seamus golf zippered valuables pouch in Snow Camo. This is brand spanking new as well. I got two of these for Christmas and the other one matc
  6. Inexcusable. With all that going on, he should have let you know that it may continue to string on and offer up a refund. Submit the claim to PP and get it going.
  7. End of the day, you can’t go wrong with either choice. It comes down to what you are after. Pebble for the scene and nostalgia, Bandon if you want pure golf nirvana without the glitz and glam!
  8. Man seriously considering one of these. Really like the traditional look. Just a great level of quality Man seriously considering one of these. Really like the traditional look. Just a great level of quality
  9. I highly suggest ordering a Linksoul cotton shirt and try it out. For me, it is hands down the most comfortable shirt there is. Super hot and humid might change that a bit but up here in the PNW, you can’t beat them.
  10. I think it has to be Langer. Not a huge fan but man, you have to admit his golf has improved with age.
  11. I like for my bag to match at least one manufacturer I am carrying in my bag. I really prefer a non OEM bag though like SM
  12. MacKenzie is difinitely higher end but the Jones has its own cool style.
  13. Hard to believe that there was that much talk with that many people over a win by 2 strokes.
  14. I have been buying lots of the performance fabric shirts and recently picked up a handful of cotton Linksoul shirts and really like them. They seem a bit more comfortable.
  15. I am 13-14 minutes door to door, and I wish it was about 10 minutes closer! I think 25-30 minutes is to far.
  16. A plain old tee does the best job for me. I usually use a pitchfix tool though, either way.
  17. Man, I think I would have to take Agusta.... that is, unless my wife found out what the offer was
  18. Nowhere near me but a nice gesture!
  19. I do t think that 10 strokes is a reality for all but a terrible few! That said, from a % standpoint, I think it for a good chunk of golfers, you would see the biggest decrease with somewhat minimal time. I am currently an 8, and while I can make up some room on my iron game, I am positive I could shave 3-4 strikes per round on average by focusing on 30 yards and in. Most of the guys I play with would likely be in the same boat.
  20. Certainly nice looking putters. Would be interesting to see about how many he makes per year.
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