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  1. Certainly nice looking putters. Would be interesting to see about how many he makes per year.
  2. Digging the shirt and the shoes for sure!
  3. I believe they said it might be 4-6 weeks or something to that affect. Maybe I am wrong
  4. I agree with the above, a net -4 is not insane IMO. Certainly would have to be playing unbelievable golf but it is doable for sure
  5. At a strictly private club, I would not imagine that you will have much luck. Right or wrong, those that pay a bunch for membership would not take well to the staff deciding to let someone on.
  6. Callaway is one of my favorite OEM’s. I hope this sour taste does not last to long with the signing of Sergio. ???
  7. At the end of the day, there is and always will be people who walk around life completely oblivious that there are other people in the world, living around them. They have no concept to look back and notice that on every hole, there is a group waiting on the tee for him to hit, and proceeds to finish the story he was telling in the cart, Line up a put from every direction on their way to shooting a 95+, or spend 10 minutes searching for a lost ball that is 20 deep in blackberry bushes. Our club spaces groups out at 10 minutes and it does a decent job at keeping the waiting to a minimum. I am to the point now that I will skip ahead a hole, with their blessing of course and come back and finish that hole later if I need to. You can’t fix stupid they say, and apparently it is just as tough to fix slow!
  8. Golf Galaxy out here will rent out time in their booths. I know that when there was a golfsmith close to home, they would have guys that would walk in with their bags and park it in the hitting bays for the afternoon. I think they finally started to advertise renting it out so that they could give these guys the boot easier.
  9. PlAnning is key! As a few have said, be proactive on giving momma some time off. I know that for me it makes a difference if I have allowed time for the wife to get some rest and a break.
  10. The Nike Aeroloft is super nice but very spendy. Worth a look if you want the best.
  11. If that Sunday bag is decent at all, $99 would be a steal.
  12. Very cool bag. I can’t say I would have one for an everyday bag but to have one for certain days would be great!
  13. Without a doubt, Sergio. He is light years ahead in the dunce category. Add Rose, Stenson and DJ to fill out the list. I also find Reed annoying, it is those stupid pocket things on his pants and the wierd necklace.
  14. I like hem all the same length, 34, but small differences don’t make a ton of difference to me. I like them all the same length, 34, but small differences don’t make a ton of difference to me.
  15. Still playing the JPX825 and love them
  16. Be careful though if you try to turn it to a satin finish. If you create and spots that run through the chrome plating, it WILL develop runst under the chrome playing and will end up runsting under the chrome and bubble through.
  17. I have th best of the gray one that you show and it is very warm. That said, I believe that the other one you show would be even better.
  18. If you go turtle bay, I strongly suggest Palmer over the Fazio course. Fazio was comparable to a decent muni track in my opinion. I did really like the Palmer course though.
  19. As the last poster did here, I think it would be VERY helpful if everyone shared what location they were in for membership and also what type of membership. Full private, executive (under 40 or whatever), semiprivate or local public with a membership option.
  20. Great suggestions, lessons it is and maybe compliment it with a tool like the eyeline device.
  21. I am all for a putter fitting and lessons. Seems I need to try to find one in my area here. I am a member at a club and not sure they have someone who can “fit” putters. I think there is a SAM lab, it sounds like this may be a good option? Any experience. Thanks for the responses so far, it confirms what I was thinking I should do. Now I need to find a place that does a quality fitting and lesson.
  22. I am currently an 8 handicap and have decided by far the biggest area for improvement in my game is with the flat stick. I have read through all sorts of topics and still can not decide on best path forward. For regular swing help, I think lessons are the best route, hands down. But what about putting. Does an in person lesson bring the same benefits as a full swing lesson, should I follow some of the online videos or do I invest in some putting aids and practice with them regularly, or is it a combo for all of the above. What helped you take a big step forward in your putting game??? If it helps, my misses seem to be leaving putts short or just straight missing it left or right.
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