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  1. Not so great news for those like me hoping to get the P7MC in their bags. Can’t imagine the demand and back orders if he comes thru today. Totally rooting for Wolff though.
  2. Maybe a bit too soon since there's delay on the TM product line. But it doesn't hurt to ask for informed opinions. Pros and cons of these two irons please. Thanks
  3. Best offer wins. Motivated to deal. Shipping US only. No trade. Thanks
  4. Looking for one either dark or satin finish. Thanks
  5. Looking for a set of 4-pw, either full CB or mixed CB/MB. Would be golden if come with AMT Black S300. Thanks
  6. White, I’d like to purchase in bulk if you have plenty to offer. Thanks
  7. He posted payment. I went for a walk, didn’t check my phone until 1.5hr later. After I saw his payment posted, I saw the other inquiry. I immediately told OP. OP can paste message timeline if he wants. I can’t since it’s deleted as I don’t want to engage in a back and forth.
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