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  1. This raises my eyebrows. Who would figure CBs are harder to hit than blades?
  2. P770 4&5 iron heads P7-MC 6-pw heads Standard lofts and lies based on P7-MC specs. $600 $575 shipped conus. Canadian +$20. No trade please. Thanks
  3. Looking for a clean one, tipped .5”. Ping adapter for G425 would be nice. Thanks
  4. A couple of iron sets and a couple driver shafts up for sale. Please check pics for conditions. Prices shipped usps pm. PayPal only. PM all inquiries. No trade offers please. Thanks for looking. Miura TC 201, 5-pw with Proj X LZ 5.5 standard LLL. SOLD Second Gen PXG 0311T, 4-pw with Nippon 950GH stiff, 1/2” short, otherwise standard loft and lie. SOLD Autoflex SF505XX 43.5” raw length. Untipped, played 45.25” installed in TM SiM 2 Max head. SOLD. TM adapter and grip FREE with purchase. Fujikura Ventus Blue w/ Velocore 6X. Measures 43.5” raw, played 45.25” with TM Sim driver head. Tipped 1/2” as recommended by TM. SOLD
  5. Brooks came thru with post 2nd round interview...."Hit my driver great. Love my driver" (giggle)
  6. This may come off as racially biased but give me any of the Korean, male or female, swing. Their rhythm/tempo is optimal.
  7. Let's face it: a 4 hcp is a sh!tty golfer on US Open track.
  8. Last I check, It’s all tripe here. If you want accurate report, try Reddit.
  9. Care to explain why BK said “sorry I lost my train of thoughts, hearing that bullxxxx!” ?
  10. As Brooks said “..I just find (these greens) difficult to read sometimes”, Bryson walked by and said “you got to have the right line”. . I literally LMAO with the eye roll Koepka had at the start of the interview.
  11. Please refer to pics for condition. Specs: 5-pw, 2* flat, standard lofts. $300 PayPal shipped ConUS. No trade please. Thanks
  12. PGA Tour will flex when they have the muscle. As a fan, I appreciate the current system rewarding excellence. Zalatoris fought his way in just as fast as Fowler losing his game on the way out.
  13. These 2 sets are quite different in terms of offsets. The epon has more than what I preferred.
  14. MG CB 1008 iron set. 3-pw. Please refer to pics for condition. Standard lengths, lofts and lies. Come with Aerotech Steelfiber 95g stiff. All Iomic grips except Pure on 4i. $700 SOLD shipped conUS. No trade please. Thanks
  15. Start pressing. Press some more. And on final hole, double or nothing.
  16. After 6 months searching for this gem, I realized, while it’s a beauty and desirable, my Byron Morgan DH89 ain’t gonna be dethroned. Here’s the specs: Toulon Las Vegas H7 via Garage Customization Order. Condition is flawless with minor sole wear. Shaft is stainless steel, not the Stroke Lab junk that IMO makes the putter feels too light. 34” (cut down from 35”) Grip changed to Golf Pride Tour SNSR 104cc (a bit used but plenty of life left) Also includes: Toulon Garage headcover, Odyssey grip new condition, Toulon Design gift box with silver finished ball marker and ball mark repair tool. These 2 items never left the box. Weight plate option: Buyer has choice of S20 to make the head 365g or A7 to make it 352g (my best guess). No, you can only pick one weight plate. Sold with heavy weight to Scott.
  17. Clean 9 degree head. Sold . No trade please. Thanks
  18. Both in great condition without scratches. Standard tipping. (Disclaimer: Please refer to pics for tipping reference.) No Trade. Thanks 1. Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S black with TM adapter. Plays 45” installed. SOLD 2. Graphite Design Tour AD BB 6S with TM adapter. Plays 45” installed. SOLD
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