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  1. So they’re bringing back tmb and calling it t100s?
  2. I would’ve been curious to see how they did during the pandemic. Tons and tons of new and younger golfers started playing and I think those were the target Nike customers. Ones that like the flashy colors and don’t have comfort/experience from prior clubs with the older brands
  3. Ping G410 LST 3 wood with ATX Blue 75x shaft with head cover. Standard length at 43" and head weight is 217 grams with 3 grams of hot melt to reduce sound a bit. Plays to D2. $185 shipped SOLD Never used Aldila ATX Green 85x hybrid shaft. Was pulled before ever being used so the grip is also new. 39.5" long. $65 shipped Diamana D+72s 3 wood length at 42". Tour velvet grip that could probably use a replacement. $40 shipped IMG_7680.HEIC
  4. “Play what you want....but” and then you write an essay on why someone shouldn’t play something in a thread that hasn’t been updated in 7+ months? Most of which is wrong about why people use blades. one of the worst posts I’ve seen on here in a while. But your shoes in your signature tell me all I need to know!
  5. Where can these be purchased? I don’t see them on cally site
  6. Brand new in plastic sim 2 driver and 3 wood heads with head covers. Driver also comes with the tool. Driver head weights 193 grams, 3 wood weighs 209 grams. $SOLD shipped for driver, $sold shipped for 3 wood
  7. Nike vapor pro looks very compact for 460
  8. Cobra rep had one here so got to see one in person. They’re nice for sure. I’d try it out
  9. Lol people complain when Nike puts out a busy shoe and say they want simple, then they put out a simple shoe and people still complain. I think these look good. I’m not happy they got rid of roshe tour but I could use these instead and to the comment about not tying them, he’s on a practice putting green in the pictures
  10. Agreed. I also don’t think he’s doing himself any favors trying to hit cuts all the time. Much more success when it was predominantly draws. He misses so many greens with wedges it makes no sense
  11. I’ve found the recent lululemon long sleeves and jackets to have long arm lengths
  12. Agreed but was ruined with a Velcro closure. Need a re release with magnet closure!
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