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  1. Agreed but was ruined with a Velcro closure. Need a re release with magnet closure!
  2. A connected buddy of mine got to play with him at Muirfield a couple years back. Had nothing but the best things to say about jday and couldn’t have been a nicer guy, happy to give tips when asked and was just one of the guys. Oh and shot an easy 67 that day
  3. The shapes have gotten better and better on the drivers. I’m a fan of this one
  4. 1. Buffalo, NY 2. 1 3. Zx7 4. Yes 5. 716 cb - kbs tour x 6. Tungsten weighting in mid and long irons to go with the srixon sole grind 7. Yes
  5. Attas 6star 7x, tipped 1” at 41.5” tip to grip. Grip is Tour Velvet Cord barely used. Similar to AD DI profile. $115 shipped
  6. Came out of TSi woods, played standard length in driver and 3 wood. Brand new never used. Driver is 44.5”, and 3 wood is 42.25”. 65x in driver, 75x in 3 wood. All sold. Knock $10 off each if you don’t want the Titleist adapter—- 3 wood shaft sold!
  7. Brand new never hit TSi3 9* head only. Comes with head cover. SOLD Brand new never hit TSi3 15* 3 wood head only. Comes with head cover. SOLD
  8. What is the preferred color way for tour pros? Additionally, are most guys/girls finding their way into one specific head, Rad Speed or XB?
  9. From what I could look up they’ve had 58.5 in the drivers since at least 915
  10. So they made the tsi more upright than previous generations? That’s not what I wanted to see
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