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  1. Will definitely be looking for good shape 716 or 718 cb when I need new ones. Did not want to see the pre worn leading edge go away
  2. Bummer. Dealbreaker for me. Wonder why they would get rid of that when everyone loved it
  3. Lulu abc are definitely the best pants I’ve found. In response to the All in Motion line, they’re ok but the quality doesn’t come close and they start to smell very quickly. Never had that problem with any of my lulus so I gave up on the all in motion. Lulus are worth the price for me
  4. 2016 m2 head only, no head cover. Very small line in the paint as seen in the close up top view picture a little above and to the right of the alignment aid. SOLD I don’t know much about the cobra adapters other than these fit on the latest models. It appears one is left handed and one is right handed. The left one can still be used on a right handed club, just makes the settings reversed. $20 shipped for both of them Titleist tsi fairway adapter. This was a one time pull from a tsi3 3 wood and never used. Sold
  5. Far and away the most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever had. Just rerelease tw13-15 please
  6. So they’re bringing back tmb and calling it t100s?
  7. I would’ve been curious to see how they did during the pandemic. Tons and tons of new and younger golfers started playing and I think those were the target Nike customers. Ones that like the flashy colors and don’t have comfort/experience from prior clubs with the older brands
  8. Ping G410 LST 3 wood with ATX Blue 75x shaft with head cover. Standard length at 43" and head weight is 217 grams with 3 grams of hot melt to reduce sound a bit. Plays to D2. $185 shipped SOLD Never used Aldila ATX Green 85x hybrid shaft. Was pulled before ever being used so the grip is also new. 39.5" long. $65 shipped Diamana D+72s 3 wood length at 42". Tour velvet grip that could probably use a replacement. $40 shipped IMG_7680.HEIC
  9. “Play what you want....but” and then you write an essay on why someone shouldn’t play something in a thread that hasn’t been updated in 7+ months? Most of which is wrong about why people use blades. one of the worst posts I’ve seen on here in a while. But your shoes in your signature tell me all I need to know!
  10. Where can these be purchased? I don’t see them on cally site
  11. Brand new in plastic sim 2 driver and 3 wood heads with head covers. Driver also comes with the tool. Driver head weights 193 grams, 3 wood weighs 209 grams. $SOLD shipped for driver, $sold shipped for 3 wood
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