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  1. 1.) Greyson pants. Size 32x32 in Maltese (Navy). They’ve been worn 5 times all inside. These are the best golf pants there are. Fit is great, stretchy but dressy. No static cling. I have 11 pairs! SOLD 2.) 2 Dozen Vice Pro Plus Balls. Brand New. SOLD 3.) Kent State Freddie the Flash Driver Headcover. Brand New. $23 4.) Vinyard Vines Vest. This has been worn 3-4 times. If I had tags it would pass as brand new. Navy, size Medium. $24
  2. just call the starter 24 hours in advance, you will have no problem doing this unless there is an outing or the course is closed. You will likely be paired up with a member
  3. I have the Even Flow Blue Handcrafted in my driver and 3 wood now and love it. I noticed they stopped making it and replaced with a Riptide and Riptide CB. It makes me nervous to ever replace my driver because of how well the Blue suits me. Someone said that the RipTide CB is comparable, but I didn't think the Blue was counter balanced. Could anyone give an opinion on how these shafts relate to one another, and if there are any other brands with very similar profiles at a 70gram weight I could consider since the EF Blue is no longer in production? Thank you!
  4. Nearly new pitching wedge. DG Tour Issue s400 shaft and a new Iomic Sticky grip. $100shipped
  5. so most Greyson sweaters (except the Copake which is their worst offering) run a bit large, but after one machine wash on a delicate cycle, it will fit true to size. Trust the process
  6. I think the runoff in the front, especially right, is far more severe than it looks on TV. Also, the angle in which it goes, works against most amateurs' that hit weak right shots.
  7. 1.) the Buck Club Ohio State mallet style headcover. Rendition of their alternate black helmet. Lightly gamed but in perfect condition . Leather, mag closure. SOLD 2.) Footjoy Icon wingtip, 11.5. Great shape, polished often, always kept with shoe trees in. I bought in 2012 and have worn only a handful of times mostly in the winter months as they are fantastic to keep feet warm and dry. Will ship without shoe trees to keep costs to ship down. I will include a box of extra spikes that I purchased but never used for these (same as they come with) $75 3.) Vinyard Vines vest
  8. They have a pool that has no heat, they have a clubhouse without AC. This isn't a country club in any sense. Most of the members play the majority of their golf at other clubs for the reasons you stated, but Chicago is a step back in time. It's incredible. Hardest tee time to get as there are only 100 local members. The member I played with explained that it's not a club that requires money or prestige to join. He said the best way to get an invitation to join is to be a great golfer (he said many of the members played D-1 golf in college and/or carry low singled digit handicaps) o
  9. You also can get kicked out for betting more than $2-$3 a match, so I doubt MJ would like that. I doubt the exact number but they have a standard game, anything above it is frowned upon.
  10. 1. Toulon Garage Chicago Putter. It’s show room condition as they say, no scuffs dings. Blacked out including black shaft. It’s the face balanced model with a sight dot being the only thing white on it. Comes with the whole kit shown. It’s 34 inches (spec card was incorrect saying 35), and now has a brand new super stroke on it. $445, shipped via FedEx 2. Greyson Lamb headcover. It’s been used but you’d hardly be able to tell. It’s leather which is awesome, magnetic closure. Sold 3. 2 dozen Vice Pro Plus, sealed. Sold
  11. avoid Lost Marsh at all costs unless you like mickey mouse golf and losing balls.
  12. If you live in Chicago area, it's pretty easy to find a way onto most any course except Old Elm and Chicago. It took me 3 years to get onto Chicago, Old Elm, I've never met a member personally.
  13. Yeah I remember you posting about that. I emailed you since I was able to go in and get a hat and wanted to know where to walk to once I got in the complex. I'd been working on putting a peg in the ground about a year prior to that. Oddly, I'm playing Mistwood for the first time in awhile on Saturday and just was made aware of his passing last night. As for Chicago... what's to say? It's always been my #1 so any course from now on will stand a shot at 2. The setting is unreal, you can see the clubhouse and complex from anywhere on the property which is amazing. The scale is incredible, you
  14. Finally got on Chicago Golf Club this week after about 5 years of networking. Hopefully I'll be back soon, that place is special.
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