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  1. thanks guys, and chriss, ill work hard no doubt!
  2. By the way.... Stay away from the owners wife, especially if she has had a few drinks That is a classic line! haha! Trust me the members at these clubs here are minted! There wifes are stunning to be fair! I walked into the pro shop (its more like a gucci boutique) and i expected to see some old spanish pga pro behind the counter. Um no, i saw a 5,10 blonde babe serving me! WTF! Golf is spain rocks!
  3. Have you worked as a golf marshall rankoutsider? your advice is very good. I got abit carried away with the lap dancing comment hahaha, na I am really focused on golf and always have been and rarely party hard so that not a problem to worry about. I wouldent say I am a really good player but I am quite good. I hardly practiced this year as I was not happ where i was living and where i was playing my golf, but i played 4 competitions and only shot higher than 74 once, so with practice everyday and some coaching from the resident pga pros (try and get friendly with them) I seriously think I coul
  4. Thanks for the advice rankoutsider. I was only kidding with the germans haha they are ncie people. The people who play at this course is very rich people so i will treat everyone with alot of respect as you never know who you are talking too, for all I know it might be a muilti millionaire who will offer to sponser me for a year on the mini tours when im older?? you never know!! Its going to be awesome. The houses around the courses are absolute huge, and is very rich!! But I suppose these are the people you want to "get in" with! I havent been able to find a job for ages in britain and
  5. haOn monday im starting a new job in Spain! Moved here 2 weeks ago because my sister lives here. And I have got a job as a golf marshall for 3 days a week 6 hours each day......ok doesent sound that exciting so far I know......but listen to this. It is at one of the biggest golf resorts in spain! (im not saying which because I know there will probably be some fool on here who will find it and send stupid emails or something to them). It has got 4 golf courses all within foot steps of eachother each side of the road. And I mean AMAZING COURSES! And guess what.....I get to play them all for f
  6. actually Kenny doesent stand that tall at addresss, but he does come out of his posture in the backswing so he can turn more. So yeh, just stand more upright at address.
  7. Yes, sorry for the burger comment it wasent personal. But, if you see kenny perry at set up he has a very straight back, if he was bent over like ernie els or like you then he would not get to 80degrees on the backswing.
  8. My username doesent count anymore hahaSo, everyone on here always talks about "the next number 1 is Mcilroy, Kim, O´Hair ".................but now this is real!! I personally dont think Tiger is going to come back.......his image is wrecked and to be honest I was a big big fan but now I dont care if I never see the man again.....he should be buried alive. So.....Who IS the NEXT NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!! (apart from me ;-)!) I think it will be......Phil Mickelson! I think he is at home now thinking..........This is my chance to be the most loved golfing ledgend of the 21st century! GET PRACTICING
  9. I think that you your turn in the backswing is very restricted and it doesent look athletic, and i think the reason for that is because your set up is really hunched and poor. Your shoulders are really hunched and its impossible to turn well from there. But also your never going to have a big flexible davis love turn because your short and stocky but i still think you could have a better set up. I think your shoulders need to be more back at set up dont bend your knees quite as much and feel abit more athletic. Because you look a bit too comfortable if you know what I mean, like your sitti
  10. Yes I agree with the hips. My right foot stays on the ground for too long after impact and my hips stay to square, I will be working on this soon!
  11. Ok guia, please tell me what I can work on because this is why I posted my swing, I have no coach and havent had a lesson since i was 16 so I need people to give me advice! Thanks.
  12. By the way I know you all realise I did this so I would get some comments haha! It works! I will actually get people being honest with my swing faults instead of people being "nice".
  13. Still dont know why im not on tour ;-)! Any of the experts want to rip my swing apart? Because I want to improve!!!!
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