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  1. I picked up a metal x milled Versa 1 last night from CPO eBay in LH. Been looking for one forever so very excited for it to come in
  2. Took the plunge and bought a lefty 7. Will report back
  3. Has anyone bought a left handed model? Are they blank as well?
  4. Thought it might be but nice to know ! Always been a fan of the Rossie so pretty cool to grab this one
  5. Just picked this up from second swing I’ve never seen a White Hot RX with this insert or shaft dent so not exactly sure what I’ve got but I love it thus far
  6. That’s helpful, I probably should’ve googled it myself I have some natural forward press so I think it would suit me. Will need to get fitted for the right loft I’d imagine
  7. Ok good to know. Thought you’d have to forward press it with the amount of loft
  8. Can you take a pic of the amount of forward press at address to keep the face square ?
  9. Any idea what the LH options are? Odyssey website doesn’t say
  10. Yes, I blindly preordered through my club. Hoping it’s all that us lefties have dreamed of. My club wasn’t sure if they’d ship on the 26th or if it would arrive on the 26th. Does anyone know?
  11. Finally ! I’ll be buying a LH 5.5!
  12. I would buy one if they were lol. Too bad
  13. Is it confirmed the 1WS is available in lefty? I don’t see it available on the golftown website or odyssey website
  14. Treek35

    White Hot OG?!

    Beauty. Can you post a pic of the toe hang?
  15. Thanks. Odd that they release it stores before providing any information to the public
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