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  1. I think that's where better data would help me the most. I know I'm missing right, but not the distribution of how far how often with each club. When I had game golf I got a good feel of short/long distribution by club, but nothing in terms of left/right distribution. I'd need a lot of trackman data to figure that out.
  2. What's the gist of the Decade approach? A few years ago I used GameGolf pretty extensively for a few months. My 7 iron was a "150 club" on good strikes, but a "140 club" on average and rarely over 150 even when I nuked it. That was a big eye opener for me in terms of what club I should be hitting. I now typically err toward extra club unless the pin is way back. It really should have been brain dead obvious that I was rarely missing long, but it wasn't until I saw the data staring at me that it sunk in for me. If I had someone Shotlinking every shot I made I'm sure there would
  3. I expected Hideki's putting to let him down when it mattered. He's been absolutely horrific recently, and I didn't see anything this weekend that would make me think he won't be horrific again next week. But he strung it all together and did it. He's a guy that will win a ton if he can continue to putt averagely. I played this weekend for the first time in 3 months. I haven't even been to the range in that time. Turned out surprisingly well, maybe even my best pandemic round so far. Sub 90 at Blue Mash for the first time in awhile. I hit it poor off the tee the first few hol
  4. $110 for 36 at Little Bennett is what we used to pay for 36 at Whiskey. Oh have the turn tables. I can't find the numbers, but I want to say our original Solstice at Little Bennett was unlimited for $65, and I think that included lunch. Then last year it was $85 and last minute they hit us up for another $25 to guarantee a 3rd 18 rather than wait behind public play. Then it was a huge wait after 54 (I bailed at that point). Now they want $110 just for 36 on a weekday. Crazy. Little Bennett was always hugely more expensive if we wanted to rent it out. I want to say
  5. DC is modding a putter? I expected him to BST it and buy a new model that's a bit longer.
  6. The language is imprecise, but the intent is crystal clear to me. I don't see any way to interpret it other than it being a mandatory penalty area (or a "no play zone" and "penalty area"). For all the things to rant about, this is low on my list.
  7. What am I missing here? I guess the language on the card could be improved, but I'm not seeing what's wrong. Lateral hazards don't drop at the point of entry? NW can define the grass as both a penalty area and no play zone, which would then play exactly as it does.
  8. Now #1 is the long straight downhill par 4 (where it used to be the shorter dogleg right par4). 9 is now the shorter par 4 dogleg right, and 18 is the longer straight par4.
  9. I think that's the original 1st, then they switched it to the 10th a long time ago, and now its back to the 1st maybe 2 years ago. No idea why. The new 18 is a better finishing hole, but otherwise the 2 are a wash for me.
  10. Northwest is one of the better munis in the area. For the most part it's a fun course that's kept in good shape. I think the price can be a little steep for peak weekend times, but it's a great deal on weekday afternoons. One of the things some people here get bent out of shape on is the mandatory drops from environmental areas. That's irritating for a tournament, but good for a casual round for me. They're far enough out of the way that you really shouldn't be in them.
  11. My roommate took her only golf lesson from "Fran the Man".
  12. The most equivalent thing to other people's work ethic is driving on the highway. Anyone going faster than me is a manic, and anyone going slower than me is lazy. Unless you are moving at the exact same pace as me, there's something wrong with you.
  13. What was the issue that the new USGA amateur rule is supposed to solve? Were people losing amateur status because of money from being an "influencer"?
  14. RNK looks awesome. Great pics. Need to get down there some time.
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