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  1. I've been logging about a round a month over the last 2 seasons, but just got through a streak where I played 3 weeks in a row. You guys might be surprised to hear this, but it apparently help you get better if you play more. I don't think the scores were anything to write home about, and my handicap was moving up the entire time, but noticeable improvements each week just from getting a few reps in. My wedge game inside ~120 is downright poor, and there's no guarantee I'm hitting an easy chip on the green, never mind close. But the swing is mostly there. It feels about as good as when I was playing more and my index was 5 strokes lower. On the front 9 at Worthington last weekend I made birdies on 2, 4, and 9. Made a second ball birdie (aka bogey) on 6 after hitting one in the water. Had a really good look at birdie on 8. And shot 44. Made triples on 1 (4-putt), 5 (lost ball), 7 (lost ball). It was the most Jekyll and Hyde 9 I've played in my life.
  2. After the great 7s downpour of 2018 (2019? years are running together), I switched over to Lamkin Crossline Full Cord. None of this sissy "tacky" grip nonsense. The full cord grip just embeds directly in to my skin, so it's not possible for it to slip. In all honesty, they are a lot less severe than I expected when I bought them. There's no issue playing 18 after a long break without getting callouses. They don't have any cushion on mishits, especially in cold weather, but that's good feedback.
  3. I live in MoCo and Poolesville is 40 minutes from my house without traffic (hah!). It's the only MCG course I still haven't played. The triangle from Poolesville to Rattlewood to Sligo Creek is about 70 miles perimeter as the crow flies.
  4. Ask your buddy where else he's adding liquid to tape to "make the bond better". I took chemistry 15 years ago, so I'm kind of an internet expert on this topic: Solvent is used because it makes the tape slick but then evaporates quickly to allow the stickiness of the tape to take over again.
  5. I've never researched it, so that's interested to hear about it being better for club data than Trackman. On the rare occassions I've had access to a launch monitor, I always found the club data to be more valuable than ball data. Maybe ball data is better for club fitting (launch, spin), but club data was better for improving my swing (path, face, attack angles).
  6. Do the practice bays have trackman? If so that's a great deal compared to what I've seen anywhere else.
  7. Two others that pop to mind: Olney Golf Park (has an up charge compared to mats) Little Bennett
  8. Endless you've played Sawgrass too, right? That list has it at $720. Pinehurst #2 is the most expensive for me. I assume the only reason it's not on that list is because it's only included in packaged resort prices rather than an explicit rack rate? The cheapest on that list is $335, and I would guess #2 is more than that.
  9. Is that Dormie Club? I recognize it from the grass and the sense of despair after finishing.
  10. Places I know that name their holes: 1) Augusta National 2) That place AltSean went to that I already forgot the name of 3) Probably CityGame
  11. That bench behind the yellow tees is completely in my zone. Zero chance I play that course 10 times without hitting it.
  12. It'd so hard to pick a side in the Sterling vs FAbb debate. I want to root against both of them so bad. It's like Brooks vs Bryson.
  13. It's probably someone who has seen this thread and has the good sense to stay away.
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