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  1. When I visit my parents for a summer vacation, I'll play at my dads club a fair amount. It's rare that we'll play a full 18. We'll get there at 4, warm up, play 12-14 holes, and be home before 7. Whenever I play 18 I'm out there trying to put up a score. It's nice to just go out and play without any sort of expectations.
  2. Having the job/life flexibility to play 9 holes from 150 on a random winter weekday is a minor life goal of mine.
  3. I've only played TF-H once, but I do recall those trees on the right being a lot less punishing than most trees are. I think I bounced back to the fairway after hitting one. You guys are going to get some good golfing lessons by being banished exclusively to TV-H for a few months. TV-O is going to feel wide open when you get back to it.
  4. Step 1 of being a good green reader: stop playing EPP so much.
  5. For the first time in years, I'm going in with no real goals for the year. Just want to get out and play and enjoy it. My only goal is to mentally accept where I'm at while playing less. That gets in to the enjoyment factor. This year I didn't play much, and didn't have enough reps to just go out and play well. I didn't have much separate practice time, so when I didn't play well I was messing around and trying to fix things on the course and played worse and worse in a round. If you're only playing 15 times a year, you can't go and get upset about not playing well. It ruins
  6. The Grint sent me a recap of my year and it was slightly depressing. I normally play ~25 rounds a year and got only 17 in this year. That's closer to average than I expected, but is a bit misleading. When I'm playing 25 rounds I'm usually logging at least as many range sessions. I think I only went to the range one time this year. I probably only warmed up and hit balls in about 10 of those 17 rounds. That probably amounts to about 2-3000 less balls hit this year compared to the norm. No wonder I stink this year.
  7. You drive from Virginia to Charles Town every week to place a bet? I thought we got you hooked on smoked meats as a replacement addiction to gambling?
  8. Someone bid $1,000 to play Rock Creek. Boy is that person going to be disappointed when they get there.
  9. When I mentioned just selling back the PW, I was thinking of a WRXer who lost a PW and needed one, but didn't remember that it was you. Forget the monetary value. There could be some poor soul out there who lost his JPX PW and desperately wants one instead of buying a CBX.
  10. Buy new? Go to second swing, buy a set, and instantly sell them back the 4i and PW. Done.
  11. Last time I played with GoTime, he made an eagle on a par 4 (10 at PB Dye) and didn't break 90. Good to hear he's living up to the potential.
  12. Who's longer? GoTime or Goose? Driving the ball I mean.
  13. I think Dom is the only one I've ever seen line up their tee shots like that. He does it quick enough that it's hard to notice though. I tried it a few times and it works well. The reason that sentence is in past tense despite it working well is that I'm a moron.
  14. Someone here definitely posted about Five Iron, because I've heard of it recently and don't live in Baltimore. But it might have just been a post like yours asking about the new place. Bangas have you always been in LA? I thought you lived somewhere hipster like Portland or Seattle or Berkeley.
  15. I’m open to changing my mind if any of you are Congo, Chevy, or Burning Tree members and want to invite me out.
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