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  1. Still have these? Anything of interest for trade?
  2. Any trades? I have 3 children you can pick the best one.... Man those are sexy!
  3. What is the profile of the blue?? Low launch low spin? or is it mid mid?
  4. Beast mode on these! Wish I was 6 inches taller.. (every day of my life)
  5. Don't suppose there is a way to show it in operation and make sure it's functioning properly? PM me please
  6. Any interest in trades or straight cash?
  7. You said you're open to trades of mostly anything. Is there anything more specific that would get your attention? Like most WRX's I have quite a bit of golf stuff and am willing to trade.... ie aftermarket driver shafts, driver heads, fwy shafts/heads, putters, wedges, balls, etc. Any category you're more interested in?
  8. Sorry meant to ask about the Accra Tour as well.. do you know the shaft profile and weight? Which shaft won the battle if these ones didn't make the cut!!!
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