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  1. UPDATE. Buyer backed out, both items are still up for sale. Prices are the same, but I'd do a package deal for $290, shipped. PM me if you're interested.
  2. To clarify, BOTH items have sold, currently awaiting payment. Once the transaction is complete, I'll take down the ad.
  3. Hey all, I recently had a nasty accident that required hand surgery, and has essentially put my golfing on hold indefinitely. As a result, I've got a couple of nice items for sale. First up is a mint Bettinardi Queen Bee #6 (RH/34"). I picked this baby up back in September, and she's never even seen a course. Stock grip and headcover. Anyone who knows these putters knows how stunning they look in person. Not a mark on her, and she's too good of putter to sit in my closet. Asking $225, shipped. Next up is a project of mine. Tour issue Burner Superfast 2.0 TP 9.5*, with a real-deal ion-plated Diamana 'ahina 70x5ct in a stiff flex. This thing is a low-spinning cannon. I figured someone out there would put it to good use. Mild scuff marks on the head, but the top line and face are clean. I've done my best to capture this in my pictures. Shaft was installed graphics down, with a green Golf Pride Nikon grip (also graphics down). Comes with a mint condition TMAG pom-pom headcover. One issue: the club is missing the ferrule. Because of that, let's do $90, shipped. I'm open to offers on this one. Please let me know if you'd like any additional pictures or information, and I'll reply as soon as I can!
  4. I just don't get the trolling. I play American gear, purely because that's what I play well and can afford, and I have no issue with that. Doesn't mean i'm going to to trash JDM to make myself feel better. My mom spends her money on nice cooking equipment. My dad spends his on nice headphones, and i spend mine on golf clubs. Everyone has their preferences and priorities, and frankly that just doesn't bother me. I have a great club fitter, and that's what's made the biggest difference for me.
  5. Also, Ping is/has always been cool. I'm currently playing a G15 9* with a Blueboard, and that thing is a rocket. No frills, no smoke and mirrors, just pure performance.
  6. Honestly, all of this talk about Bubba comes across as being a huge double standard. So he brags about his beautiful watch. He's totally the FIRST athlete to ever do something like that. As for his behavior on the course, same thing. Tiger and Sergio, among other pro golfers and pro athletes have always had a nasty streak when things aren't going well, and sometimes even when things are swinging their way. To call Bubba out is just not fair, unless you want to address every other athlete that does the same. I recently had the chance to meet and chat with Bubba for a little bit at the TOC at Kapalua. He struck me as a very nice, honest man, who cares tremendously about his family and friends. I can understand if he's just not your cup of tea, but don't chew him out for something that is endemic to professional sports.
  7. That's what I thought at first. I hit them though, and they felt pretty solid.
  8. Hey all, A friend of mine has a set of Caiman X2 Pro irons. They're a blade type deal. I checked out the company's website, and the prices were damn low. They also had a pretty good suite of custom options. Anybody have anymore information on these? They seem legit, but I figured someone here might know.
  9. Would you go any lower on the TP 2.0? The price is definitely fair, i'm just a bit short on cash (hard to get a decent paying job at 17 :p )
  10. [quote name='agentkc' timestamp='1338500149' post='5007360'] I am new to this forum so hopefully I am asking for this information in the correct place... I am a mid to high handicap golfer and have plenty of work to do on my short game but with my TM R9 460 driver I could always count on booming long, strait drives to keep me coming back and playing. Hands down that was the one thing/shot I could consistently hit and enjoy. Last Aug after my clubs were stolen from my garage I had to replace the whole set. TM had just replaced the R9 with R11 and that was the one club I was sure I wanted. Well… I hate it, simply can’t hit the dang thing. I can’t even miss consistently I will snap hook one drive and slice the next and even when I do get into one it does not travel as far. From the first time I played this club I had regretted buying it and attributed my problems in part with the smaller head. Now I see they have an R11s with the 460 head. Any thoughts on this club? Is it really more forgiving than the R11? What about compared the R9 460? I can’t decide if I should bite the bullet and go get one, search out a R9 or go a different direction all together. I hate to throw money away by buying the same thing I currently want to throw in the lake but would do it in a heartbeat if convinced it would hit as good or better than the R9 460 that was the best club I have ever owned. Thanks in advance! [/quote] I just got an R11S in a 9*. I was playing an Adams 9064LS in a 10.5 with a RIP gamma X-flex, which was launching the ball wayyyyyyyyy too high. Hit the launch moniter, and was killing the 11S 20 yards more than anything else. My only real gripe would be that the RIP Phenom (stock shaft) feels pretty whippy, and generates a tad too much spin for my liking, even in a stiff. I switched the shaft to a Matrix Ozik X-con F6M2 in a stiff, and its the perfect driver now. Matrix shafts run pretty pricey (i got mine from my boss) but if you can afford one, i'd say get it. You won't be dissapointed :p
  11. Thanks! I'm a bit of a shorter hitter (I carry my 3 wood around 235), so would you recommend the super XTD in a 4 loft?
  12. aaronalter


    Hey all, I'm a 8.7 handicap, and i'm looking to replace my old 07' burner rescue 4. I want something workable, with a healthy distance performance. Any ideas? Driver: Taylormade R11S, 9*, Matrix Ozik X-con F6M2 First Run, S #3 Wood: Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour, Aldila R.I.P Sigma, X #3 Hybrid: Adams A12 Pro, Aldila R.I.P'd NV, R #4 Hybrid: Taylormade Burner, Fujikura REAX, S Irons: Nike CCI, 5-A, TT Dynalite Gold, R SW: Dunlop Knife Putter: Odyssey White Ice #9, 34"
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