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  1. I know as of last year Hinsdale was around $73K for ages 40+; La Grange was $60k - but monthly dues were a bit higher than Hinsdale's. No clue on Butterfield or Ruth Lake. Definitely a bummer that there aren't any clubs that are more affordable in the immediate area.
  2. Can you join Belvedere if you don't have a home in the Belvedere or Chicago Club's? I honestly don't know
  3. I'm a very sweaty person used this or something very similar back when I lived in Texas and it was a huge help. Completely forgot that I used this in the past but may order some for this summer!
  4. I don't know if a comparison to China is very applicable. Unless I missed the update that Illinois State Troopers going around and welding front doors shut for those that have tested positive for Covid.
  5. One place to look in to is Little Traverse Bay Golf Club - Fall rates look to be $65, with twilight being $45. Really fun course with great views of the bay. It would also be worth taking a look at Belvedere Golf Club in Charlevoix, from what I remember it doesn't really break the bank and I'm pretty certain their rates adjust post-labor day. Both courses are 15-30ish minutes away from downtown Petoskey.
  6. Anyone have any info on La Grange Country Club? My wife & I just moved to the area and I'm intrigued due to the close proximity to our house.
  7. I didn't say anything was offensive. Just like to see our guys act like they've been there before. What would you like to see them do differently specifically? Conduct themselves more like Jack, Arnie, Gary. I never saw one of them sing a song about an opponent's a**. Those who humble themselves will be exhalted, and vice versa. You do realize that the Si Woo song was in response to a question regarding their favorite song from the fanatics or whatever they're called. It's not like Jordan came up with the song himself
  8. Thanks for the update DeerSlayer. I haven't played Bent Tree in years, but I am interested to hear yours and Stratton's thoughts on Bent Tree for the Texas Am?? I know there has been a lot of rain down there lately, but am curious to hear how the course held up.
  9. Due to the fact that my driver has been rather erratic lately, I'd love to give the Aldila Rogue a try. And on top of that, I've heard nothing but great things about the Rogue shaft and would love to get my hands on one!
  10. You should also try to stop by the Petoskey brewing Company (http://petoskeybrewing.com/) in the two times I've been there, I haven't had a bad beer yet. If you're staying at the HIghlands you'll be right by it.
  11. [list] [*]Right handed, G-3 Slimline II, 35 inches, Blue grip. [/list] Thanks for the contest!
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