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  1. Reminds me of a story<<<guy who came into a local golf shop , obviously excited about shooting his age that day. The guy kept talking about his feat to the point of overdoing it. About that time an 86 yrs old golfer named DOC entered the shop. The shop owner introduced Doc to the guy who had just shot his age. The owner asked Doc how many times he'd ever shot his age. Doc, who is a extremely good golfer, said , ' about 245 times ''pause'' in a row.
  2. I agree Sambo. Nothing beat that feeling of a well struck iron.
  3. I enjoy playing competitive golf BUT I enjoy hitting golf balls as much. My dad owned a home on the edge of town with a small pasture surrounded by trees. I could go out there, by myself, on a sunny 40 degree day, even with the wind blowing 20, park my PU out of the wind, and hit balls . See Deer, foxes, etc occasionally. Listen to the Chiefs on radio. I got to were I enjoyed that as much as actual golf. So peaceful. I followed Mike Maves (sevem1) at the time and would practice his teachings one step at a time. That helped my iron game hugely and I was not bad before starting this .
  4. In our 'noon', old man's game, it's said it's more important to play fast than to play good. Most are good golfers and 3 hour rounds are not uncommon. For guys like this, waiting every shot is a killer. If I get behind a slow group, I'll always approach them with a 'friendly' attitude. If I get the chance I'll semi apologize to them saying I'm sure they feel like they're being pushed but we just play fast. Usually, with this light hearted, friendly approach they will ask us to play thru. Now if they have no golf etiquette or are jerks, you probably need to go around. At our club, we have a fairly new guy who is a f---- idiot in the club house. I successfully used my above strategy last week and the idiot jumped me about 'racing' around the course and not to do it again, today, That group told him they told us to play thro. It's the second such incident with this idiot this month. But that's a different issue that I hope will be dealt with next week.
  5. 77 Years old. Driver Probably 210 under regular conditions. August conditions more like 240 . Hit it low and let it roll, 7 Iron, 140 yards with a smooth swing. Lots of arthritis restricts swing but good fundamentals keep contact solid resulting in low scores, When I was 61 I averaged 248 one year so yes, I've lost a little with age..
  6. I'll pay,. . If his parents want to reimburse me , fine. That will be between me and them . I personally like golfing with the young uns, but I usually beat um. lol I just wondered how other get around this ' eligibility'' situation.
  7. When I mentioned ''' The rule about 'not winning cash money', I was referring to the eligibility rules that most state high schools go by. I would not want to be responsible for some HS kid losing his eligibility b/c some jerk turned him in for winning money in a golf game for quarters. Maybe that's paranoid but nothing surprises me anymore and the golf coach is my son so don't want to cause him problems. We have a wide variety of ages that play in our daily game although most are old like myself and most are good serious golfers. Some of the kids play in the game with their dads or grandfather. That solves the $$ problem as the parents end up paying/handling the money . A kid w/o a golfing parent asked to play and that is what created the dilemma and my question. However, I think I came up with a solution, I would be his ''grandpappy''', and take care of any loses/winnings as he would be put on my team . I see a few comments about enjoying golfing with youngsters. Most of these kids are good kids and will behave accordingly, if they don't, old guys have a way of getting their point across . My son/coach is all for this as he thinks this would help the kids develop a better mental approach to the game. Much better than just hitting balls on the course w/o any structure.
  8. I was having pain/weakness/tingling in my neck/rt shoulder/rt arm area. Dr said it was serious and could lead to paralysis if not taken care of. Nerve damage. I had neck fusion surgery, 3 screws . I still have some pain and weakness in that area. What irritates it is my downswing. SO, I've tried to LET my head rotate /follow the ball flight. Per D Duvall or Anika S. Not ideal but as you get older one learns how to adjust to the kind of issues. I would see a Dr BEFORE it gets past the point that rest won't help it.
  9. Monte and Robo; There's so many things that affect ball flight so I was surprised a stronger right hand affected my ball flight as it did.. Guess we learn something new every once in a while. This probably explains why I can open the CF more than normal and get a nice high draw with this stronger right hand grip. . Thanks you both so much. JC
  10. As a right hander My normal 10 finger grip is left hand slightly strong, right hand neutral. My miss is a pull draw and it happens a lot. Lately I've tried making my right hand stronger.., I hit the ball higher with my pulls being much less severe and with much better accuracy. Isn't a strong right hand supposed to encourage a draw/hook ? Why am I the exception ?
  11. I play a G400 SFT ping with the soft regular driver shaft. 12*. I like the feel but looking for more accuracy and don't need more ball 'height' . I think a reg flex would help and I may try the CB in regular but the Tensei reg flex has 'caught my eye'. Smooth Swing with Speed around 85. Any thoughts , experience with these shafts.
  12. If your talking about a flat front with the rest rounded, look at the GARSEN putter grip. I have them on two of my putters. FOR ME, it helps me put my left hand on the grip the same , every time. I use a left hand low grip. I've had these laying around for a couple years and just recently started using them with more success than normal. I attributive that to the grip.
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