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  1. Kinda of stinks but understandable. It’s been tough to get tee times at a lot of places with the book due to either being full or a lot of courses having stricter restrictions on using it.
  2. new charleston muni is supposed to be awesome. havent made my way over to that part of town yet to play, but will be soon. I mainly play charleston national but its a bit of a drive and pace of play can be a pain some days. I would suggest Stono, Muni, maybe wescott if you feel like getting over there
  3. I highly enjoy Oak. First time down there, Id play as many of the courses as I could. Just to experience the different architecture.
  4. If you can find their website (which for some reason can be tricky at times as occasionally youll get sent to the an older year), I believe there is an email/contact list to be put on. They will typically send an email in late sept or early oct and give you the date and time it starts.
  5. Haha I mean I didn’t expect free shipping but 25$ for less than a lb damn haha.
  6. ummm soooo just looking into these and its 25$ for shipping? that's intense for two little adapters and 2 collars.... am I missing something here?
  7. Choices are a good thing. And their jpx line/choices are their better sellers so......
  8. I would love to give this a go! Hit a few putts with it the other day at the store. Not too shabby.
  9. Part of that is for Feel purposes. much more solid feel with bore through. Also has a slight effect on CG/weight
  10. completely agree with HOT there...... charleston is not value golf even for residents haha. It's honestly getting old, but there are one or two places that do a decent job.
  11. Pretty Exciting to read. I love my SZ extreme. More than likely wont move away from it, but with possible new irons on the horizon? color me highly intrigued.
  12. I don't know.... Give me 68 (or i guess 66 as a 10) and I'd be ok with the challenge as long as it wasn't for some crazy amount that would break me haha.
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