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  1. Haha I mean I didn’t expect free shipping but 25$ for less than a lb damn haha.
  2. ummm soooo just looking into these and its 25$ for shipping? that's intense for two little adapters and 2 collars.... am I missing something here?
  3. Choices are a good thing. And their jpx line/choices are their better sellers so......
  4. I would love to give this a go! Hit a few putts with it the other day at the store. Not too shabby.
  5. Part of that is for Feel purposes. much more solid feel with bore through. Also has a slight effect on CG/weight
  6. completely agree with HOT there...... charleston is not value golf even for residents haha. It's honestly getting old, but there are one or two places that do a decent job.
  7. Pretty Exciting to read. I love my SZ extreme. More than likely wont move away from it, but with possible new irons on the horizon? color me highly intrigued.
  8. I don't know.... Give me 68 (or i guess 66 as a 10) and I'd be ok with the challenge as long as it wasn't for some crazy amount that would break me haha.
  9. I mean ya, maybe we just want to put them so high on the pedestal? Honestly I just try to think about what I shoot on my courses here in Charleston (although when I play kiawah i tend to be in the mid 80s to low 90s), and figured I would shot almost 10 higher or so on a legit tour set up? Maybe I am wrong on that haha. Maybe I wouldn't lose as many shots as I think since I am an above avg putter/wedge player. I just would be hitting lots of long irons/hybrid/wood for second shots since I'm probably in the lower third of tour distance? maybe lower 10% haha
  10. a lot of good points and i forgot about OBee and all of his awesome games haha. super jealous btw.... ?
  11. I mean, You''d have to assume that a bogey golfer would probably shoot around 125 each day..... give or take of course.... so on a par 72 course, that's +53 so noooo way the bogey golfer holds on as if he or she is shooting 125, that course is probably benign for the tour guys and they are easily going to shoot at least -10 overall if not lower legit scratch, probably going to shoot anywhere between 85-100 on that course. Which again, would take a miracle for one if not a few of the pro guys to not shoot below that -10 mark. Now, if somehow the scratch player could shoo
  12. callaway and taylormade are also in stores like cotsco/walmart/kmart/etc haha. soooo ya I had the cortex in play for about a year. It did very well overall, but forgiveness wasn't quite there and it did seem to have lower ball speeds even though my overall distance was not that far off from other drivers.
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