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  1. When I asked my fitter he said he has no clue what pings up to. He said he knows every other companies plan but ping. It would be nice to know i might just pull the trigger in some i210. The only thing that would hurt is if some nice black ones came out that I had to have
  2. I did a live chat with ping trying to get some kind of clue. They said the usual like “normal your life cycle is 18-24 months so expect something, but the iblade has been around since 2016” so we will see. He also told me 12 week wait time. Hard to tell what to do. I guess the i210 is awesome so you can’t go wrong committing to that.
  3. I hope not either. This is when most people up here start replacing there gear. Id hate to buy a set of i210’s just to see a gorgeous new set come out that I gotta get. Sold my P790s to set up for this.... might have jumped the gun.
  4. Anyone else know if the new i210 will come out after the holidays? If so would it be ready for retail before next golf season ? For us northerners. trying to decide if I should just get the 210 or hold out . Hoping for a black version!
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