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  1. It's so hard to find a box. It would be nice if stores sold brand new boxes they purchase in bulk for something like $2 a piece. I can't help with the box but I keep shipping weight down by using air pillow/cushions. I save every air pillow/cushion that I get from amazon and other online retail order and use those. Literally have mountains of them in my closet. That way I don't have to cram it full of packing paper/peanuts (too expensive!) or newspaper. I don't buy used clubs often but the few times I did the boxes have almost always been filled with all sorts of trash
  2. 6 iron is usually considered the "standard" for iron sets. When you demo clubs, they usually have 6 iron. Lots of sets have serial numbers on just the 6 iron. In this case 37.5" fits the stock 6 iron length. My guess is the set is standard length and they measured the 6 iron.
  3. Saw this wish ad on instagram I don't think I've seen any floating around on eBay yet, but I haven't really been looking so it wouldn't hurt to be careful! Thankfully, these look REALLY easy to tell apart from genuine/real Special Select with the headcover being the most obvious giveaway. Don't have the app or a account to check/shop on wish. How much do they want for these fakes?
  4. Interesting... I butt trimmed my 3 wood 1/2" and the same thing happened. Everyone I've talked to gave me the same, "nothing should change if you trimmed from the butt. It only changes if you tip trim," speech and recommended putting weight back on the head to restore the 3 swingweight points lost. For me, the 1/2" shortening made the shaft feel super stiff (probably because I could not feel the head), lowered the ball flight and changed sound. The feel of the shaft and ball flight was corrected by adding weight back to the head using lead tape but the sound hasn't cha
  5. I'm extending to 35.25" from 33". 2.25" is about 2 1/2 fingers in my left hand grip so maybe I'll notice??? Apparently taking off an extension isn't too hard so I think I'll try that and reshaft if I don't like it.
  6. Agree 100% with DallasSteve test first by choking down on grip. Get some 1/2" masking tape to put on the end of your grip to mark and go by 1/2" increments. I think with every 1/2" you take off its something like 3 swing weights (depends on the shaft) so you would have to add about 6 grams of lead tape to the head.
  7. Are you referring to the KBS CT Tour putter shaft?
  8. Are you agreeing from experience??? I was leaning towards reshaft as well because its putter but most comments are saying extension is no problem
  9. Whats the consensus on lengthening a putter? Extension vs Reshaft If reshafting, can I get any putter steel shaft like a True Temper .355 or is it more complicated? I don't know much about putter shafts.
  10. Nah just me overreacting to a 5-10yd pull shot. I've got pull hook trauma so any shot that starts left of intended starting line is
  11. I had no idea... Thanks for the info! Looks like I found my new go to
  12. For me the change was noticeable even with only 1* change. More on the long irons
  13. Interesting...so it seems that a number for lie angle is only an approximation at best and making small adjustments afterwards based on ball flight/dynamic lie and rechecking is the way to go
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