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  1. I am not good enough to say if they are fake or not but I went with a registered Miura dealer as it all felt very suspicious in our conversation.
  2. I went with Mc-501 6-pw and 4-5 iron in tc201. Gave me my preferred loft gaps and the 4-iron strong lofted one degree also gave me the same offset in 4-5-6-iron and I kind of like that.
  3. I agree! First time I go so exclusive and get the exact build I want
  4. Put a order in yesterday. Miura tc-210/Mc-501 combo with mmt 125tx soft stepped and bbf and co ferrules
  5. I agree, seems very reasonable to me. Now I have to decide soft step or not.
  6. The work itself is very expensive here as well. Talking to a guy about a Miura build and he offered me the mmt125 for an additional $250
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/363069722233 are these fake or real? Same seller!
  8. I have been discussing a set of mc 501’s with him. Got the same story about the friend but his listings all have different shafts in them and he told me he could get pretty much any shaft I want. He won’t sell me the heads alone as that is not allowed by his friend in regards to Miuras rules. He has a registered firm in the Uk under the same name. So are you certain that they are fakes?
  9. What shaft did you play before? in Sweden these things are expensive and hard to come by.
  10. I can’t decide if I should get my 105 tx’s installed or get the 125tx instead. I play modus 120x normally and have tested the modus 105 but everything was going so high and my timing was chaotic.
  11. Perfect, the weight is why I went with the tx as well. I rarely swing hard at it, 88-90 mph is my controlled swing with a smooth tempo.
  12. Hi guys, I have a set of the mmt 105tx taper at home. Before I install them in my soon to be decided gamers I want to know if I could be out of my league? I play modus 120x and they work well, maybe a bit spinny. I can handle px 6.5, dg120 x100 without a problem, I can play dg x100 as well but they kill my injured wrist. Is the mmt 105tx taper tip monster stiff or will they work for someone who swings a 7-iron around 88-90 on a controlled swing?
  13. How is the p770 3-iron treating you? Is it easy to hit like a utility iron or more like a traditional cb? Ordered the p7mb 5-perfect yesterday but unsure what I will use to fill the 3 and 4 iron slot. I was thinking p770 4-iron and p790 3 iron.
  14. The set I had before the hogans where the mp20 Mac and I loved them but I tended to get caught in the grass as Mizuno have a sharp leading edge. When I was custom fitting the mmc’s on a matt I was getting great numbers but on the grass I was back to my “normal” numbers. The Hogan gives me those numbers from the grass.
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