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  1. I don’t think it will be a hook machine. Sits neutral and same flatter lie as far as I understand. It’s just built to have a slight draw to the flight because tour players want that in a 3-wood. But I recall mizuno saying that the st-x driver from last year was built with the weight close to the heal because that makes it easier to work for a skilled golfer…or something of that nature.
  2. They already have these shafts in a way. The new vista pro shaft is built with some of the ventus learnings but only in lighter weights.
  3. This reply is the best one in a long time. Can’t stop laughing! Does it come with gloves is the question?
  4. I haven’t hit the X in gen4 but I own the xt. It is a fantastic driver. Very similar to the original sim but more forgiving. In the past I have always thought that the pxg's faces are to deep but with the xt it is perfect depth and a lot shallower than x or xf.
  5. Had my first round with the gen4 XT today. Played it in standard settings and standard loft (9 degrees). It has a great profile, sounds fantastic, and surprisingly forgiving. I thought it would punish me more but had a couple of strikes that was in the toe area and lost nothing on them. It performed really good and looks the business
  6. Wow, you are going to have a great time! Here in Sweden the chances of demoing PXG is slim to none depending on location. I have fitted myself to most things with a little help from golfwrx and mizuno. I have a set of the gen3 0311t’s on the way as I am leaving the bladed world now that I am nearing 40
  7. Sound like a smooth ride The lower tee height is something I really liked about the OG SIM as it gave me a feeling of added control. I play a fade so I might have to pop in my ventus blue then!
  8. Looking forward to it! Mine is due on Thursday but I’m hoping it shows up on Wednesday so I can game it on my Thursday comp.
  9. I went with the 9 degree as I always play 9 and this version as I understand it launches higher than gen2 X.
  10. I’m confused? Are you saying that there is another way?
  11. Ordered the Gen4 XT, they had it in stock with the Hzrdus smoke yellow so should have it in a few days. Now I need to figure out what shaft to put in it. I have a diamana zf60 and a fujikura Ventus blue at home, but I kind of like the diamana s-limited but I don’t se to many in x-stiff flying around. Last couple of days I’ve been feeling the urge to test a 50 gram x-stiff. Like the diamana tb or the tensei 1K.
  12. It is hard to compare, the mmt have a really soft feel whilst steel fiber have more of a steel feel. Mmt are stiff and the 105tx that I owned felt stiff and stable but soft in feel.
  13. I am having the same thoughts, the chart had numbers I liked. The shape and look is perfect in the pictures.
  14. I hear you. The thing for me is that I have many injuries from my sporting life so sometimes my body can prevent me from making my “move”. On a day when my body is feeling fine I strike it in the middle 9/10. But when I miss the strike is so poor that no driver can help me. I enjoy a shallower and a bit more compact look as it gives me a feeling of less face to miss on.
  15. My favorite thing about the og sim was the shallow face. My strike varies depending on form. I am kind of sweet spot or extreme miss kind of guy.
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