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  1. Skytrak used solely indoors during winter months. Comes with original plastic case with leveling feet and bubble level. Never struck, no dings. Not currently linked to any subscription package. 1k shipped original mevo. Used 3-5 times max. Really an experiment since I already had the Skytrak. $200 pm with any questions or for PayPal.
  2. I’ve got 20 bucks that says If you recorded the practice swing the club Face is WIDE open and you’d hit an awful shot with your pretty practice swing. Real swing is your brain finding a way to hit a functional golf shot.
  3. You need to figure out a way to not relate the quality of your golf with the quality of your life. Thats a huge topic and it’s very much easier said then done, but that’s the root of this problem. fix that. It will improve your golf, and more importantly your life.
  4. Are you in NJ? It's cold out man. Ball aint gonna travel.
  5. Don’t think your over rotating. Camera angle is awful and makes it look that way.
  6. If your planning to get lessons do yourself and your future instructor a favor. Forget anything you think you know about your golf swing and what is wrong with it. Go in with an open mind and listen much more then you talk or think.
  7. Use upper body references and not your feet. Makes things much easier as stance width changes.
  8. > @Hawkeye77 said: > Tanner, after all the years and all the questions, you should know you are not qualified to give him swing advice - just don't! > > Maybe help him find an instructor if that's what he's looking for, in the long run win/win for you both. That’s what I wanted to say but didn’t want to sound like a [email protected] :smile:
  9. unless you wear stilts when you play golf, it aint gonna matter.
  10. Bravo. Didn’t even look at the swing videos but your comments on how to practice and taking dans words to heart tell me all I need to know. You’ll be good working like that.
  11. Unless it gets crazy cold I’d get out of Boston and go play in nh or Maine. Ledges would probably be my call.
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