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  1. Thank you, I was not familiar with these courses. Looks great
  2. My apologies, I was bit vague on the new policy. Yes 30 days out (if not on site) and they are currently well booked up months in advance unless you are trying to squeeze in one tee time here and there. As you can imagine, booking 3 days worth of 12 tee times/day makes that a challenge
  3. So...our 7 year May Branson/Big Cedar golf trip run has come to an end due to their new policy of making you stay on property to book tee times. We have always had 24 guys so its too difficult to book that many at BigCedar now. Will still be heading back in a smaller group but need to find a new home for our big group. Looking for some ideas in the midwest (St Louis based) for a 2-3 day trip for a large group. Mix of all hdcps (+ thru 25) 35-45 age range. Would love suggestions! Thanks
  4. $240 - but I am literally turning around and buying a slant neck Spider so hoping to trade
  5. Sorry for blah pics, was kind of in a hurry. Trade friendly, especially on the TM Putter Edel E-1 35 in. Great Shape $old TM Spider X. 35in Used one round, 9.9/10 $230 TM M4 3W w/ Speeder 757 Exo X 43 in - Only hit a few times, tiny sliver on top line (can see if you zoom). $140 Speeder 869 Tour Issue Evo X 8.3 w/ TM tip - 41.5 in grip to tip . $80
  6. You will be searching eBay for a 8.3 tour spec shaft by end of the year
  7. Staying at Grand Moon Palace in a few weeks and was gonna book some tee times at the Nicklaus 27 hole Moon Spa & Golf Club. There was limited online reviews/pictures/info but it seems like a good one. Just wanted to see if anyone had played it, any quirks/nuances to playing, etc...
  8. Coming from someone who recently went to Bandon, this will fund about 11 mins of that trip GLWS
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