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  1. [quote name='Albatros' date='07 May 2010 - 11:55 AM' timestamp='1273251333' post='2427285'] I'm a 14-15 HCP and I play blades because my swing is an effortless long hittin smooth tempo buttery flow of rich sweet supination that produces a pin seeking birdie droppin high 2 yard draw that makes the people stop and stare at how a ball flys when properly struck on the screws by a true player. [/quote] I bet you have to listen to your ipod at the driving range. Otherwise all of the gasping and "ooohing" could be a huge distraction.
  2. [quote name='toddnt' date='07 May 2010 - 11:41 AM' timestamp='1273250466' post='2427255'] Hold on now.... Ive seen guys dressed as youve described shoot lights out and some that took divots big enuff to bury a gopher! [/quote] Ok. And your point?
  3. I've tried 'em all and the purple Nike "Golf" lenses are the best. I just got a pair of the Skylon Aces. I had the old Skylon EXP's but they got stolen by a valet. The only problem is that I prefer darker lenses on bright sunny days.
  4. The best is when you see some guy dressed like a rainbow w/ a white belt carrying brand new blades, Titleist driver, lime stand bag and no hybrids.
  5. Good call! A few pebbles can really get them dogs howlin'. And DO NOT KICK A CACTUS! I made that mistake the first time I wore them. Holy crap did that hurt! (I didn't do it on purpose)
  6. It depends on the condition. Brand new (unrestored) I'd say $250 Max.
  7. I got them for the 120º days in Tucson. They certainly do not provide the same traction and stability.
  8. I use the Neutrogena spray and never get burnt. No mess, no hassle, no fedora.
  9. Looks like that site hasn't been updated in years.
  10. [quote name='[email protected]' date='30 April 2010 - 09:13 PM' timestamp='1272680032' post='2411141'] I make my customers show me a GHIN card before I will install white grips. [/quote] HA HA HA!!! Maybe golf equipment manufacturers should include a suggested handicap in addition to the MSRP. ie, White Grips < 5HC Brush Tees > 20HC Blades < 3HC Ball retriever >15HC 64º Wedge < 5HC **Though I gotta admit, love brush tees (for my driver).
  11. Yes, this is the first time I've seen him w/ a Cameron. I'm not a belly putter guy but that thing looks pretty mean.
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